Get Out of Debt, Fast!

Ways to Make More Money, in a Hurry!

Ways to Make More Money, in a Hurry!

We could all use some extra cash to make ends meet, so here are our top 5 fast ways to reduce financial strain in a hurry:

Gumtree Hustle

A friend I know makes a lot of money selling stuff on Gumtree he doesn’t own.  Don’t worry it’s not a Nigerian scam. He just finds ads that are terribly written with bad photos and relists them with better written at a higher price.  If someone buys his ad he buys it from the original and makes the difference.

Airtasker Hustle

It’s basically the same as the GumTree hustle but you need to have the money available on your credit card. Find a job on Airtasker that you think could be done for cheaper, bid on the job and then list the job for less money.

airtasker site shot

Work Place Snacks

An employee at our office who used to be a professional baker brings in baked goods every day and leaves them in the kitchen with an honesty box.   Someone at my wife’s work brings in boxes of chocolate and cartons of drink and resells them.

Junk Hauling

If you have a ute you can do pretty well taking peoples stuff to the dump for them. You can make even more money if you sell their junk on Gumtree or for metal recycling etc.

Sports Betting Arbitrage              

There is only one way to make a sure profit on sports betting and that is with an arbitrage opportunity.  An arbitrage opportunity is when there is a price difference between 2 different bookmakers. For example, Sportsbet has Broncos 1.75 vs Cowboys  2.25 and Unibet has Broncos 2.25 vs Cowboys 1.75. If you bet $1 on the Cowboys with Sportsbet and $1 on the Broncos with Unibet you will spend $2 and be guaranteed to win $2.25 a 12% return.  Arbitrage opportunities generally only exist for about 15 minutes but they do exist.

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