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Thrifty Date Night Ideas that will Make You Look Good

Thrifty Date Night Ideas that will Make You Look Good

Make your nights memorable, super fun & romantic with thrifty date night ideas. Check our awesome plans to entertain your partner all day and night for less, and still impress!

Below is the list of thrifty date night ideas that will make you look good:

  1. 36 Questions
    List of questions created by a psychologist, who believed they could make people fall in love. The questions gradually build intimacy and culminate by staring into your partner’s eyes for 4 minutes. It’s really fun.  Find the full article on New York Times
  2. Fire-Outside
    Get a brassier and have a fire in the backyard. There is something unbelievably relaxing about starring at the “bush TV”. However, it’s fun in summer but it’s brilliant in winter.
  3. Rent a Bicycle and Go for a Ride
    Most of the capital cities have a bicycle rental program. You can definitely grab some public transport into town and go for a ride.
  4. Board Games
    Before television people entertained themselves with board games. Here are the most popular board games for adults
  5. Art Gallery
    We are lucky in Australia, most of our galleries are free. Swanning around a gallery pretending to be culture vultures does have its charms.  Find a gallery near you via Art Guide Australia
  6. Photography
    We’ve all got cameras on our phones these days. Spend a night trying to take the best artistic photo.
  7. DIY Life Drawing
    Get some pencils and paper, and try to do a life (nude) drawing of your partner. It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw. You can just draw abstract.
  8. Strip Chess
    Pretty self-explanatory.
  9. Costume Night
    Get out the costume box and the face paint. Pick a theme and go for it.
  10. 2 Persons Book Club
    Reading a book with your partner is great. Granted you’re not going to read a book in a night, but just keep the discussion (and the wine drinking) until the evening.
  11. Dessert Date
    Going out for dinner can be expensive. If you just go out for dessert, you can experience the same by saving some dollars.
  12. Julia Child
    Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking is famous for its long, often complicated recipes. Make one of the dishes for a special evening at home.

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