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The Best Side Gigs

The Best Side Gigs

A side gig or a second job is great way to earn to extra money which you can use to pay down debt, get debt free and build wealth.  It’s also a great opportunity to build skills and develop your resume. Always wanted to Chef? Get a part time job in a kitchen.  It’s also an opportunity to have fun and try something different.  If you spend all day in an office doing some lawn mowing might be a welcome change.

There are a couple of things to consider before when you’re looking for a side gig.  What’s your primary employer’s policy on second jobs?  Some employers have a policy that prevents their employees from taking on a second job.  When do you have time to work? Most people have a 9-5 job so our list of the best side gigs assumes it isn’t going to take place during these hours.

As an added bonus, while you’re earning extra income you’ll also have less time to spend the money you earn so it’s a double prong approach.  But beware you could end up costing yourself money if you eat out instead of cooking because you’re short on time.  We’ve also restricted ourselves to jobs you don’t need a qualification for.

Top 5 Second Gigs

  1. Uber Driver – Got a car? While driving for Uber full time is not a profitable gig, driving on a Friday, Saturday night and on special occasions like New Year’s Eve and when there are big sporting events on can be pretty good.
  2. Bars/Coffee Shops – Late Nights and Weekends can be difficult to staff and with penalty rates at the moment, weekend shifts, especially Sundays can be quite lucrative.
  3. Tutoring- Could you tutor High School Maths or English? – Teachers can earn $50/hr doing in-home tutoring. If you’re not a teacher but you have awesome skills, e.g., you’re an accountant or an engineer, or journalist.  You could still make great money tutoring.
  4. Cleaning – Most commercial cleaning work is after-hours and commercial premises are generally cleaner than your house.
  5. Pizza Delivery Driver – If you’ve got a car, Dominoes will pay you $18.09/Hr and $2.27/pizza. Friday and Saturday night are “gold mines”.

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