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5 Best Jobs To Help You Earn Extra Money

5 Best Jobs To Help You Earn Extra Money

Are you trying to make some extra cash? Do you have free time you don’t know what to do with? Are you trying to develop or hone a new skill? If you answered yes to all these, you should consider getting a second job.

Whether you want to dig yourself out of credit card debt, save towards a down payment or vacation, be more aggressive about paying off student loans, or making extra money on the side, to save money with side gigs is a smart approach for achieving your goals in life.

The Benefits of a Second Job

A side gig or a second job is great way to earn to some extra money which you can use to pay down debt, get debt free and build wealth. It’s also a great opportunity to build skills and develop your resume.

For example; always wanted to chef? A waiter/waitress? A bartender? Get a part time job in a kitchen, a bar or a restaurant. It’s also an opportunity to have fun and try something different. If you spend all day in an office, doing some lawn mowing might be a welcome change.

What Else?

There are a couple of things to consider before you look for the best side gigs. What’s your primary employer’s policy on second jobs? Some employers have a policy that prevents their employees from taking on a second job. When do you have time to work? Most people have a 9 – 5 job, so our list of the best side gigs assumes it isn’t going to take place during these hours.

As an added bonus, while you’re earning extra income you’ll also have less time to spend the money you earn so it’s a double prong approach. But beware you could end up costing yourself money if you eat out instead of cooking because you were short on time. These are a list of jobs you don’t need a qualification for.

Top 5 Side Jobs

1. Uber Driver

Got a car? While driving for Uber full time is not a profitable gig, driving on a Friday, Saturday night and on special occasions like New Year’s Eve and when there are big sporting events on can be beneficial.

2. Bars/Coffee Shops

The greatest thing about working as a barista or waiter is the flexible hours. You can easily end up in a job that allows you to work in the break of day or nightfall if you have to, but you’ll likely end up working late at night. Late nights and weekends can be difficult with staff and with the penalty rates at the moment: weekend shifts can be quite lucrative. Nevertheless, if you plan to save money with side gigs, these jobs have great potential to make some good money.

3. Tutoring

If you’ve ever had experience with being a teacher or an expert on a certain subject, you can work as a tutor, coach or instructor to share your knowledge with new students. Whether you’re teaching college students or 10-year-olds, working as a tutor is one of the best side gigs that could help you boost your monthly income. Teachers can earn $50/hr doing in-home tutoring. If you’re not a teacher but you have awesome skills, e.g., you’re an accountant or an engineer, or journalist. You could still make great money tutoring.

4. Cleaning and Babysitting

You can find many opportunities to use your housekeeping and baby-sitting know-how to earn cash. Whether you will look after school-aged kids or help exhausted parents as a night nanny, if you’re looking to save money with side gigs but can’t really stay on-call every day, this is perfect for you. As for cleaning services, most commercial cleaning work is after-hours and commercial premises are generally cleaner than your house.

5. Pizza Delivery Driver

Being a pizza delivery driver has been known to be one of the best side gigs. You can make decent tips when working, especially on a Friday or Saturday night when people tend to order food. If you’ve got a car, expect to receive more money.

For more money-saving tips and other ways to save money, you can check out our savings insights page.

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