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9 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

9 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching. Rather than just giving a store-bought gift, this year give a gift that will save the recipient some money and set them up for a successful 2017!

This is a bit of a tradition for us a Debt Mediators. So without further delay, here is our annual list:

Netflix/Stan Subscription

Netflix cheapest option is $8.99/month and Stan is $10/month. For that you get unlimited viewing of a huge range of TV and movie options. It’s much cheaper than Foxtel or even renting movies on Apple TV. Stan is an Australian service and is even making some original local content.  If they get rid of their Foxtel – Saving $204.12/year

Soda Stream

If they love soda water a SodaStream will save them a bunch of money. A Sodastream will make sparkling water for $0.23 per Litre and you’ll save the planet from hundreds of empty softdrink bottles.  However if they like softdrink, Sodastream is not cheaper than homebrand softdrink once you take the syrup into account. – Saving $189.80/year

A Phone

A basic phone on a contract will cost $55/month with 1Gig of data. A sim only plan with 1Gig of data will cost $16. A great android smart phone can be bought for $199 and a refurbished Iphone5 can be had for $185 – Saving $468/year


Kindles are cheap these days. A wifi only Kindle will cost $99. With a best seller typically around $30 and the Ebook version $15 an avid reader can save a fortune, in books and book shelves. Most classic books are also available for free on the Kindle platform.  Saving – $390/year

Rechargeable Batteries

No only will you save your loved one money but you will win Christmas if you show up with charged batteries on Christmas morning. Kids presents never include batteries and in the frantic running around of Christmas they always get forgotten. You’ll get extra bonus points for buying 2 sets so one set can always be in the charger –  Saving $95.88

Delivery Saver

For $89 Woolworths allows you buy “free delivery” for you year. Delivery costs are $11 normally. Not only will they save on delivery but they’ll save money on their grocery shopping because they’ll have to use a list and they won’t buy any impulse items. Saving – $489/year

Energy monitor

For $199 you can purchase an energy monitor, which will allow real time monitoring of electricity consumption. In the personal experience of the author this leads to a halving of energy consumption. Saving – $500/year

Heated Throw

I know it’s summer but we can still think about winter savings! A heated throw is an electric blanket for the couch. A very efficient heater will cost about $0.35 per hour to heat a room. An electric throw will cost $0.04 because it’s just heating you not all that wasted air. Saving – $169.72

Electric Toothbrush

Dental work is expensive! A regular check-up will cost around $200 and a filling will cost between $150-$300. Saving – $150/year

If you have some of your own great gift ideas that we should add to this list, email us. We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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