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7 Ways to Squeeze Extra Exercise in to your day

7 Ways to Squeeze Extra Exercise in to your day

Not keen on sweaty jogs, pumping iron at the gym or rushing out to buy this season’s active wear? We might have the answer for you! Fitness doesn’t have to be that hard or require lots of planning.  Lets keep it simple… to lose weight burn more calories than you eat, or tone up by taking the ‘less easy’ route in your everyday life.

Here are 7 ways you incorporate healthier habits into your everyday life:

  • Break it up – You don’t have to do all your exercise at once. You can break it up into smaller bits. For example: you could get off one stop earlier or park a little farther from work and get a 10 minute walk in (20 minutes there and back). Then go for a 10 minute walk at lunch. Over the day you’ve done 30 minutes and you haven’t even broken a sweat!
  • When I do something, I do this – Tying exercise to something else is a great way to build an exercise habit. For example, every time I get up to make a coffee at work, I do 20 calf raises.
  • TV time = exercise time. Don’t do anything crazy but you can do some sit ups, and stretches without taking your eyes off the TV and push ups in the ad breaks.
  • Take the stairs – Lifts and escalators are a missed opportunity for exercise.
  • Don’t send an email – if you’re at work and you need an answer to question get up and go see the person.
  • Add weight to your back pack – Walking with weight equivalent to 15% of your body weight burns 12% more calories.
  • Activities with kids – There a lots of fun indoor activities you can do with your kids that will tire them out and help you get some exercise it. Headstands, jumping rope, dance party. Here’s a list 25 exercise games for kids.

Think about your daily workday routine, and find at least one part of your day that you can change that will keep your body moving.  Look for ways that will make fitness fun such as getting a work colleague to join you for a walk. Tracking your activity with an app can keep you motivated, and provide daily goals to achieve.  Praise yourself when you keep to your new routine, and apply a little guilt when you don’t. When you’re no longer feeling challenged… step it up!

Its very easy to slide back into old habits.  You may have heard it takes 21 days to develop a new habit.  Well that’s not entirely accurate. A health psychology researcher at University College London found that it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes habit.  66 days to be exact!  So when you decide on what exercise you’re going to incorporate into your daily life, be sure to make a commitment to stick to it for at least 66 days.  When you’ve reached your goal, you’ll be rewarded with a healthy habit that becomes automatic!  The study on 96 volunteers found that missing one opportunity to perform your new habit will not affect the habit formation process.  That means it doesn’t matter if you mess up now and again.

Now find those daily fitness opportunities and lock them in!

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