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5 Budget Breakfast Ideas For Less Than $1

5 Budget Breakfast Ideas For Less Than $1

We’re all busy these days and it can be easy to “just grab something” on the run.  Breakfast on the run doesn’t seem expensive, a bacon and egg roll or a muffin and a coffee might only be $6. Homemade budget breakfast foods are delicious and cheap. Over a year you can save yourself big dollars. You could easily save $1500 over the year by making a budget breakfast at home.

Budget Breakfast Suggestions:

Weetbix! – $0.62

The Aussie Classic and for good reason, it’s cheap, it’s nutritious and it fills you up.

4 Weetbix $0.23

1 Cup Milk $0.25

1 Tsp Sugar $0.02

Banana $0.12

Waffles and Pancakes – $0.73

Pancakes made from basic ingredients are so cheap, nutritious and surprisingly easy to make. For a lot of people pancakes only come from a shaker bottle but it’s actually easier to make from basic ingredients.  For a healthy option use wholemeal flour, skim milk and drop the butter and sugar.  Waffles uses exactly the same recipe but you put them in a waffle maker instead of a fry pan.

½ Cup Self Raising Flour $0.09

½ Cup Milk $0.12

Egg  $0.35

Melted Butter $0.10

Sugar $.02

Maple Syrup – $0.05

Crepes – $0.66

Crepes are a French classic. You can pretend you’re on the Champs-Élysées at home with the easy to make cheap recipe. My favourite way to have crepes is with Nutella and banana.  They are essentially a thin pancake that you swish it around the pan

1/2 Cup Flour $0.09

1 Cup Milk $0.12

1x Egg  $0.35

10 g Melted Butter $0.10

Bacon and Egg Sarnie – $0.78

The bacon and Egg Sarnie is the breakfast of champions.  This budget breakfast will get you ready for a full day and there is something comforting about this childhood classic.

2 Rashers: $0.25

1 Egg: $0.35

2 Slices Bread: $0.08

10g Butter: $0.10

Porridge – $0.45

Porridge is the ultimate comfort food. Nothing feels better than having a full stomach of porridge. It’s like a big hug from the inside.

1 Cup Oats: $0.14

1 Cup Milk: $0.25

2 Tsp Golden Syrup:  $0.05

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