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5 Best Wallets for Cash

5 Best Wallets for Cash

If you are trying to manage your money better, cash is the answer.  That means you’re going to need the best wallet for coins. Numerous studies have shown that cash is harder to spend than credit cards. It’s really easy to tap’n’go another coffee but it’s much harder to get out cash. I know we bang on about how great cash is but it’s really the only thing we’ve found that works for everyone.  I’ve tried everything to budget and cash is the only thing that has worked.  I get out all the cash I need for the week and put it in my wallet and that’s it.

There is something transformative about looking in your wallet and knowing exactly how much money you have left until the end of the week.  I get my money out on a Saturday. If it’s Wednesday, I go to the grocery shop and I look in my wallet and there is only a $50 note all no essential stuff gets taken out of the trolley. If I make it to the end of the week and there is cash in my wallet that money is mine! I can blow it if I want or save it for something special.

I found it really difficult to find a men’s wallet that had a coin section, so here is my top 5 best wallets that have a coin section. Normally I say “don’t spend money to save money”, but in this case it’s really worth it!

Here are our best wallets for cash:

5. Bellroy Coin Fold

Bellroy specialise in making ultra slim wallets. I don’t know how they do it but their wallets are half as thick as other wallets. The Coin Fold has a specific coin section making it great for cash spenders.  It also has space for 8 cards, in case of emergency and it has a space for a spare sim card, which seems completely useless to me unless you’re a drug dealer.  This wallet is beautiful

Bellroy coin fold wallet

4. Fossil Nova Slim Coin Pocket

The Nova Slim is a nice slim and simple wallet.  It perfect for someone who’s working on a cash budget, it’s got a coin section, a notes section and space for 3 cards. That’s it. Nothing fancy.  Perfect.

Fossil Nova Slim Coin Pocket

3. Status Anxiety AMOS – Tan

The Amos is such an awesome cash wallet. It’s got a massive, hard-core zip so you don’t lose any coins or notes and still has room for 5-10 cards, not that you’ll need them.  The leather is nice and thick so it should last you forever.

Status Anxiety AMOS – Tan

2. Wally Euro

This wallet has an interesting take on the coin section. It has no zips, no buttons, just a cool pop open section making it really easy to access your money.  It also has a money clip and a really thoughtful pop out card section.

wally euro wallet

1. The Kin Studio

This wallet represents the first wallet innovation in forever.  It automatically separates coins and notes! That’s right, throw it all in the top pocket and it transfers the coins automatically to your coin section.  They just had a successful KickStarter campaign and while you can’t get it now, you can pre-order it.

kin studio wallet

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