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10 Delicious Meals from Only 1 Roast Chicken

10 Delicious Meals from Only 1 Roast Chicken

Finding the time to make delicious meals for dinner and lunch can be one of the main reasons you blow your budget on take away. A roast chicken from the super market is cheap, nutritious, delicious and versatile.  Best of all a roast chicken is already cooked so it saves you a bunch of time.  The humble roast chicken can form the basis of lots of flavour packed meals, that can help you bring your grocery spending under control.

  1. Chicken Carbonara

    Carbonara is a classic, traditionally it just includes bacon, eggs and parmesan cheese. Purists never add cream. Adding some chicken really bulks it up.  Just tear up some roast chicken and stir through an easy carbonara sauce combining bacon, egg and cheese.

  2. Chicken Gravy Rolls

    This is straight up comfort food. Get some fresh hot dog buns from the super market. Mix up some gravox (it has too me cheap gravy powder). Add some roast chicken to the roll and cover liberally with gravy.

  3. Chicken Sandwiches

    Most people over complicate the sandwich. It should have 5 ingredients, bread, chicken, bacon, mayo, lettuce. Grill the bacon until crispy, cut it and the chicken up into little bits, mix with mayo and apply thickly to bread with a sprinkling of thinly sliced lettuce. You’re welcome.

  4. Chicken Quesadillas

    All you need for this is, the aforementioned chicken, tortillas, cheese and salsa. Put a tortilla in a medium fry pan, sprinkle with cheese, add strips of chicken and a couple of dollops of salsa. Add another other sprinkle of cheese and top it off with a tortilla. Flip it like a toasted sandwich and cut into triangles when cookedchicken quesadillas.

  5. Chicken Pizza

    You can use a premade base or home made pizza base. You can go as complicated or as simple as you like. Personally some roast chicken, bacon and baby spinach is a tasty combination.

  6. Chicken Noodle Soup

    This is so unbelievably easy. Just get some chicken stock and some frozen veg and boil the veg in the stock. Add some two minute noodles , the chicken and a couple of splashes of soy. If you like it spicy throw in some chilli.

  7. Chicken Fried Rice

    Cook some rice. Throw in a cup of Frozen veg, some soy sauce and lastly throw in the chicken.

  8. Chicken Nachos.

    Prepare a basic nachos: corn chips, cheese, salsa, but then add roast chicken. Enjoy.

  9. Club Salad

    A club salad is just a basic green salad with croutons and shredded cheese. The addition of roast chicken makes it amazing.

  10. Crème of Chicken soup

    Soups in general, exist to use up left overs. Crème of Chicken is exactly what it sounds like. Get the left over chicken, some chicken stock powder, add half a cup of cream and voila Crème of Chicken soup.

Bon appetit!chicken soup

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