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Thrifty Date Night Ideas that will Make You Look Good

Make your nights memorable, super fun & romantic with thrifty date night ideas. Check our awesome plans to entertain your partner all day and night for less, and still impress! Below is the list of thrifty date night ideas that will make you look good: 36 Questions List of questions created by a psychologist, who […]

Ways to Make More Money, in a Hurry!

We could all use some extra cash to make ends meet, so here are our top 5 fast ways to reduce financial strain in a hurry: Gumtree Hustle A friend I know makes a lot of money selling stuff on Gumtree he doesn’t own.  Don’t worry it’s not a Nigerian scam. He just finds ads that […]

How to Improve Your Credit Score

If you want to know how to improve your credit score, you must know that this won’t be an easy process. And yet, you cannot simply live with the fact that you have a poor credit score as it will have a direct impact on the choices available to you. For example, you will find […]

5 Best Jobs To Help You Earn Extra Money

Are you trying to make some extra cash? Do you have free time you don’t know what to do with? Are you trying to develop or hone a new skill? If you answered yes to all these, you should consider getting a second job. Whether you want to dig yourself out of credit card debt, […]

4 ‘Money Challenges’ to Help you Save Money

There’s no secret to getting out of debt and reaching your financial dreams. Using a challenge can be a fun way of keeping up your motivation up along the way. It’s about reducing your expenses to build some extra money. Reduce your debt, then investing that money after the debt is gone.  However it’s a […]

10 Delicious Meals from Only 1 Roast Chicken

Finding the time to make delicious meals for dinner and lunch can be one of the main reasons you blow your budget on take away. A roast chicken from the super market is cheap, nutritious, delicious and versatile.  Best of all a roast chicken is already cooked so it saves you a bunch of time.  […]

5 Best Wallets for Cash

If you are trying to manage your money better, cash is the answer.  That means you’re going to need the best wallet for coins. Numerous studies have shown that cash is harder to spend than credit cards. It’s really easy to tap’n’go another coffee but it’s much harder to get out cash. I know we […]

5 Budget Breakfast Ideas For Less Than $1

We’re all busy these days and it can be easy to “just grab something” on the run.  Breakfast on the run doesn’t seem expensive, a bacon and egg roll or a muffin and a coffee might only be $6. Homemade budget breakfast foods are delicious and cheap. Over a year you can save yourself big […]

7 Ways to Squeeze Extra Exercise in to your day

Not keen on sweaty jogs, pumping iron at the gym or rushing out to buy this season’s active wear? We might have the answer for you! Fitness doesn’t have to be that hard or require lots of planning.  Lets keep it simple… to lose weight burn more calories than you eat, or tone up by taking […]

9 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching. Rather than just giving a store-bought gift, this year give a gift that will save the recipient some money and set them up for a successful 2017! This is a bit of a tradition for us a Debt Mediators. So without further delay, here is our annual list: Netflix/Stan Subscription Netflix […]

Fix the Car or Buy a New One?

Your car is starting to get on a bit and you had a couple of things that have been repaired. It’s time to sell it and get another one. It will be cheaper to buy a new one rather than fix any expensive repairs. Right? While this is generally the rational for replacing a car, […]

Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover

Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover is probably the most famous personal finance book on the market today. In fact, the top 7 of the top 10 personal finance books on Amazon are all written by Dave Ramsey. If you’ve been trying to get out of debt and doing some research on the internet, it is impossible […]

5 Friends Who Are Making You Broke, & How To Deal With Them

Hanging out with friends is a great way to fizzle out all the stress you’ve had while working to earn your keep. But at times you won’t be able to join your friends for a night out due to personal or even financial reasons. Here are some of the friends you should watch out for […]

Save $10,000, Lunch Ideas under $2

Research by consulting firm Urbis has found that office workers spend on average $43/day on coffee and food! We love saving money and we love the ultra-frugal.  We’ve put together a list of 7 lunches that come in under $2 if you combine that with your employer’s free tea and coffee (instant still has caffeine) […]

Things Science Says can make your Family Happy!

Happiness is something everybody strives for. That is why we try to find jobs that fulfill us and spend time with our loved ones – to increase that very feeling. The wonderful thing about science is that it can determine the factors contributing of any aspect of life. While philosophers attempted to understand the meaning […]

Which Australian capital city has the cheapest cost of living?

Which Australian capital city gives you the most bang for your buck? You’ve probably heard on the news that Australian cities are amongst the most expensive places to live in world. The problem is that most of these articles are written by people who don’t even live here! So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to […]

Amazing Affordable Clutter Free Gifts

I almost dread Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoy the time I spend with my family and loved ones and I definitely enjoy the time off work.  It’s the vast quantities of stuff that fills my home that irritates me.  I already have too much stuff but my family seems determined to ratchet […]