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Supermum Slays Bills

Supermum Slays Bills

My husband and I were a single income household with 3 children and about to have our 4th. We needed a car loan to get a bigger car and we also had we also had smaller credit cards which were helping us cover the basics but we were only ever paying the monthly minimum off of. My budget was in ruins.

Life was so stressful while we had this huge debt hanging over our heads.  We had no spare money so we missed out on a lot of things, even something as simple as having take-out on occasion and the extra petrol for outings on the weekend.

We had asked our friends and family for tips on how to budget better and try to save. We tried My Budget but found we were unhappy with their fees and not being in control of how our money was spent, which meant we were still not doing those little extra things on the weekends.  We failed so many times and each time it landed us in further debt, because our plans had cost more than they’d helped.

When our youngest came along and I had medical complications and we were struggling to cover the costs of seeing doctors and getting scripts filled we realised we seriously needed help to keep our family safe and healthy. We found Debt Mediators on Google. I the glowing customer feedback from people who they’d helped get debt free, and decided to give Debt Mediators a call. Everything was laid out in simple terms and everything was straight forward with no confusing sales jargon or complicated paperwork.

After our arrangement was in place it was nice knowing that we had some breathing room. We saw the benefits of getting our finances sorted straight away.  That was motivation enough to stick out the contract and we couldn’t wait to see how things would turn out in the end.

My advice to people currently struggling with debt  is; don’t put off seeking help. You do not have to do this all alone.  The sooner you get help the sooner the stress and frustrations stop and that is a much better way to live life.  Once you are working towards becoming debt free the path is pretty straight forward and hopefully along the way you have learnt how better to handle yourself and your finances and you do not allow yourself to fall back into old habits.

I am so much more careful with my spending now, if we do not absolutely need it we do not get it.

I have balanced my budget, covering all our expenses first and each pay and that a small amount is set aside for some of the bigger bills like utilities, insurances, etc, and we’ve made sure we have some savings now. Life is so much easier now without debt weighing us down.  We have freedom to start building for our future rather than just covering the minimum every month.  We do not have to live dollar to dollar anymore and that’s a great feeling.

The most important thing we have learnt along the way is simply to be mindful of how you spend. For example an interest free sale sounds good but in the long term can be difficult.  If you can’t afford it now will you be able to afford it in a month or two?  Be mindful, plan ahead. If you get in trouble don’t be afraid to ask for help.



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