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What this man did when he paid his debt will melt your heart

What this man did when he paid his debt will melt your heart

I was the typical silly boy who liked to party and didn’t take responsibility. Worked hard and hence play hard but unfortunately, it didn’t come cheap. I used credit till I was over my head and just needed it fixed. I was not aware of how to solve debt problems.

Being in debt was stressful, constant calls from debt collectors saying I must pay, and me saying “I can only afford $50 here and $100 there”. It affected me in all aspects of my life, including work.

I tried a budget company but it was not clearing the debt quick enough for me to do what I wanted in my future. After I used their philosophy to try to manage my money myself so that I could save their fees and allocate that money to my debts but the debtors kept asking for more money and interest was still accruing.

Eventually, I conceded that a Debt Agreement was my only option, short of declaring bankruptcy.

The day I met my wife I knew we would get married and have a family one day. The problem was, I didn’t want to start my married life in debt. I decided to get serious about life and my responsibilities. She inspired me to want to provide and look after our future family.  I’m now debt free in and I married her in April 2017!!!

Debt Mediators were fantastic, they solve debt problems. There were some payments I missed but they made it easy for me to catch up. They didn’t put my repayments at a point where if something went wrong in one week pay, I’d be stuck with a big bill.

I budgeted my entire year of income and expenses to the cent. I knew when money was supposed to be debited, how much money comes and make sure to keep myself green. My fiancé kept me accountable for sticking to the budget, handling our grocery shopping, paying other bills, keeping my bank card at times when I didn’t trust myself also helped.

Work out if you could manage your debt on your own but do it quick. The sooner you do it the sooner you can get help. Map out your plan to clear your debt and if you can’t do it then definitely talk to Debt Mediators.

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