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Sheryl: Debt Free and Stress Free

Sheryl: Debt Free and Stress Free

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to get your paycheck and know that you owe nothing? How will it feel if you observe that your savings account is abundant? To become debt free does not involve any stress emotionally whatsoever.

Sheryl does, and she’s here to show you how she became both debt free and stress free. Read on below to find out how she did it.

Can you tell me about your background? How did you get into debt?

I walked away from a marriage with 3 kids. I was determined that they wouldn’t have less in life, so I used credit cards. Every year, just before Christmas, the banks would offer to increase my credit card limits. I thought I’d pay it back, but I never did. If you ask my kids, they never went without. I never told them that I used credit cards to do it.

Was there a point when you decided that you were going to get out of debt?

Yes; I had six grandkids within six years. A friend had gone through Debt Mediators and also had huge success, so I thought, “Why not me too?”

When did you get debt free and how did you stay motivated?

I finished in September 2013. How did I stay motivated? I was really determined to get rid of those debts once and for all. For some it can be harder to get out of the rut, but I was determined and willing to pull all the strings to make sure it worked out well for me.

What is the most important thing you’ve learnt along the way?

Never increase your credit card limit. Never have more than one open debt at a time. I only buy things with cash now and now I’m much more conscious with my spending.

What goals are you going to achieve now that you’re debt free?

I’m just enjoying being stress free. I don’t have to worry if the car needs new tires or if it blows up. I have savings!

Do you have any final words or wisdom?

Automate your bills. I BPay my bills every week automatically, so they are paid in advance. This way I’ve paid it all off before I even get any money. The best thing about BPay is that I can always count on having enough money set aside for all of my needs, because my bills are paid on time and up to date.

They are all over no matter where you look; debt is always associated with something you see. Whether it’s car payments, student loans, gadget/furniture/appliances loans, credit cards debts, or any type of debt, it is unnecessarily costing you money. Aside from monetary factors, these debts can also give you undue stress that might keep you up at night.

But on the flip side, to become debt free is like a dream. This dream doesn’t have to be just a dream. No matter which stage you are at life right now, to become debt free is easier than you think.

Debt will always appear as something that holds you back. Once you see debt for what it really is, it’s much easier to embody these traits in your life and gain the self-confidence in your capacity to pay it off. And before you know it, you have gained financial freedom—and that’s the best way to live life.

You too can be just like Sheryl by following her journey to becoming free of her debts in a swift timeframe and managing to work and manage for her family.

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