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Elisas – Debt Free and Overseas

Elisas – Debt Free and Overseas

Elisas is a previous customer with Debt Mediators who had a great success with our consultation services and recommendations. For many, admitting you’re in a bad place is the hardest part, but it can be the start of a very positive process to get you back on track with your finances.
Read all about Elisas’ story below.

We were in a very bad financial situation and needed money badly. I decided to get a loan from the bank, which I found really hard to repay, so I got a credit card and used the credit card to make the repayments. Then I ended up with more debt. I found it impossible to repay. Things had gotten out of control. The interest was building up and I could not pay any more.

Then creditors started calling and asking for money. They were demanding repayments that were so high I could not afford them and threatened me with further action if I didn’t make the payments.

My life was a nightmare; I was so stressed. All my income was being used to make the payments. I was so scared of what would happen if I didn’t make the payments. I was working so hard. I was ignoring my life and family and I hit a breaking point. I decided that I was going to become debt free whatever it took.

I was watching TV and I saw an ad for Debt Mediators. At first, I was worried because I have never done something like that before, but I knew I couldn’t go on, so I gave them a call.  The lady was very nice and very friendly. I told her my story, she asked for some details, my spending, about how much my repayments were with my creditors. She then tailored a debt agreement based on what I could afford to repay.

As soon as I gave Debt Mediators the creditor’s information they stopped calling me and harassing me. Debt Mediators helped me get my life back. They got my agreement approved, and when I started the repayment I was surprised at how manageable it was.

I was financially comfortable again, and my life was better. I was less stressed and there was no harassment or calls from my creditors. I was so happy with Debt Mediators. It took me 4 years to pay off my debt. I would pay extra when I could. Sometimes it was difficult to make the payments. The guys in the call centre were helpful and gave me hope. They would work with me on a payment plan to get back on track. It was important mentally to pay something, even if it was only $1, to see my debt go down and know I was still making progress.

The big mistake I made was trying to cover my debts with other debts thinking it would work out somehow, just trying to get to tomorrow and not thinking long-term.

I see others get credit cards spend up big. They don’t work hard to pay it off and end up paying huge interest. Instead, they could be saving their money!

After finishing my agreement life is great. I have learned not to get loans or credit cards. I have been saving my money and budgeting. I have taken my first holiday outside Australia

I never thought I’d be debt free and get my life back, but I did it.

If you are in difficulty or need help with your debts don’t be scared to give Debt Mediators a call and have a chat.

I assure you, they’re a great help.

With Debt Mediators, you can join Elisas and the many others that appreciated our consultation services and agreement plans, among our many other solutions. Check out our other success stories, and our video testimonials for more great feedback about Debt Mediators!

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