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Live decadently while on a budget with these 5 affordable luxuries

Live decadently while on a budget with these 5 affordable luxuries

1. Wine

A home cooked meal with a nice bottle of wine is a perfect affordable evening in, however wine can be expensive, particularly in Australia. A cheap wine from the bottle shop will set you back $8 or more. We shopped around for a better deal and found these two budget friendly options:

Greys Online runs wine auctions. You can pick up wine for under $5 a bottle but you do need to buy a case.

Aldi’s online liquor store bottles of wine starting at $2.89.

2. Breakfast

Breakfast out is one of life’s simple pleasures, and it is typically cheaper than dinner. But if you really want to save money, go for a fancy breakfast at home. Invite your friends, set the table, get the coffee machine going, go all out. Typically, the cost of one breakfast out can feed four or more at home!

Here’s a great pancake recipe

Here’s how to make hollandaise sauce

Her is the best french toast ever (use whatever bread you’ve got. 85cent Coles breads works fine)

3. Concert Tickets

Concerts are amazing but these days they can be crazy expensive. So if you’re on a budget, the chances are that live entertainment isn’t probably on your list of things to do. Here are a couple of ways to get cheap tickets if you’re open to seeing something new:

Last Tix – has last minute deals for concerts. Sometimes at 50% or more off.

Gumtree is also a great place to buy cheap tickets. eBay tends to be dominated by scalpers but Gumtree seems to have genuine people who can’t make the event.


There is nothing more luxurious that a massage. Lying there while someone does nothing else but make your sore, overworked muscles feel good again.

Natural therapy training colleges tend to run practice sessions for their students and these massages can be very affordable. However they are students so it can be a bit hit or miss.

Try the Think Wellbeing Centres $20/hour

Or the NSW School of Massage

4. Chocolate

The only reason I go to Aldi is for the Moser-Roth chocolate, which is actually amazing. No joke it’s Cadbury good. Choice Magazine rates Coles Milk Chocolate as the best. Even those on a budget can afford a little chocolate.


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