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Cheap Treats that are better than Luxurious Versions

Cheap Treats that are better than Luxurious Versions

Going for luxury is not always affordable, but as we’ve discovered there are some cheap alternatives out there that are pretty close to that expensive name brand item you love.

Check out the cheap luxuries in life:

Aldi Gin   – Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin is actually Aldi’s home brand. It has recently won gold at the International Wine and Spirits Competition, which is pretty amazing when considering it’s on $27 a bottle.

Aldi Scotch – Highland Black 8 yo Scotch is only $34.99 and has won a swag of awards.


Kmart 2 Slice Toaster – When I moved in with my wife I bought a fancy stainless steel toaster. It lasted a couple of months and I pulled the $7.50 white Kmart toaster I’d had for a decade out of the garage and it’s still running 5 years later.

IKEA Non-Stick Pans – Non-stick pans do not last forever and therefore it’s not really worth spending a lot of money on.  Ikea’s $4.49 non-stick pans are great. Use it for 6 months, throw it out and get a new one.

Target Office Clothes – If you shop at Cue or David Jones for work clothes you might get nice clothes. However, especially for women’s clothes, price doesn’t always equate to long-lasting. In fact, a lot of luxury brands are poorly made. Target’s office clothes are good and affordable.

Target Ladies Undies – Target ladies undies are soft, plain and comfortable.  They come in 5 packs for $12 bargain

Kogan Vitablast Blender – Vitamix blenders are awesome. They’re the must-have kitchen appliance for clean eating healthy hipsters but they cost $900, which is an insane amount of money to spend so you can blend spinach.  The Kogan Vitablast is pretty much the same thing but it’s $89

Kogan 1400W Vitablast Blender

Kogan 1400W Vitablast Blender

Woolworths Mini Ice-creams – The Woolworths/Coles knockoff of the mini Magnum is 50% of the price and it better.  It’s just creamier and the chocolate is better.

Champion Exhilarate Running Shoe – Champion running shoes routinely outperform top running shoes in consumer testing, despite being 90% cheaper.

Ikea High Chair – The Anitlop high chair is not only cheaper but it’s unbelievably better than expensive competitors. It’s easier to clean, as it’s one piece of solid plastic. You can even take it out and hose it down. It’s easier to pull apart so you can throw it in a car.


Found something out there you love not only cause its cheap, but it rocks your world?  Email it to and we’ll add it to the list!

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