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7 Must Buys at Aldi Foodstores

7 Must Buys at Aldi Foodstores

Aldi is a discounting powerhouse that has forced down grocery prices in Australia. They typically sell only their own brand and the quality is generally about the same as the store brand in Coles or Woolworths. There fruit, vegetables and meat is in general are terrible. Occasionally you can get some really cheap fruit and veg but it’s only good for juice, and you better use it that day. There are however some Aldi products that are amazing.

7 Aldi products that are worth the hassle of finding a $1 coin to get a freaking trolley:

1. Cheese

The cheese at Aldi is good, very good. Even the tasty 1kg block is pretty good.  Aldi however really delivers the goods when it comes to the more fancy varieties. The triple cream brie is amazing. The Persian Feta is delectable. The 20 month Aged Cheddar is ridiculous.  If you like brie on a Kraft singles budget Aldi should be your destination.

2. Frozen fish

Fish can get expensive.  Aldi however has a range of frozen fish at wholesale prices.  The frozen basa at $6.99 a kilo is as cheap as protein gets.  The salmon at $20 a kilo is so cheap that what was once a luxury can be an everyday food.  They also have snapper and barramundi generally.

3. Free Range Eggs

Aldi is the cheapest place to get free range eggs. Sure it’s 10,000 birds to an acre but it’s better than cage or barn right? At $3.99 for a dozen free range eggs it’s hard to pass up.  At this price everyone can eat quiche.

4. Deli Meats

Ham, salami, chicken can get expensive, especially when you have growing kids in the house. Aldi’s deli meats are really cheap, generally under $10 a kilo.  A great sandwich with delicious deli meats is a super cheap lunch.

5. Nappies and Wipes

Aldi’s nappies are simply amazing. They are almost as good as Huggies and less than half the price. A 56 pack is $10.99! That is straight up insane! Why would you ever buy nappies anywhere else? The wipes are brilliant as well, at $7.69 for 240.

6. Bread

Aldi bread is a good as bread is going to get under $1. It’s way better than the Coles and Woolworth’s bread. Sure it’s not Artisan Sourdough, but really a butter soaked slide of cheap bread toasted with a little Vegemite is way better and less pretentious.  If you make French toast from anything else but cheap Aldi bread you are doing it wrong. Also their Brioche buns are ridiculously good for $1.99 for 4.

7. Coffee Pods

Coffee is one of those things that can cost a shed load of money.  My 3 cups a day habit could easily run to $5,000 a year.  Even if you stop buying take away and use a Nespresso machine the pods are expensive at about $0.70 a pod.  That’s where Aldi comes to the rescue. Their Expressi pods are only $0.37 and some of them are really good. That’s a huge saving over a year.  The machines are practically being given away as well at only $79.99

It also pays to keep an eye on the Aldi Special Buys and 7 Day Deals.  Just be warned you could end up walking out with solar panels and a gym set.

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