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6 Forgotten Money Saving Skills

6 Forgotten Money Saving Skills

It used to be that we all had a range of skills that were necessary for everyday life. As times gone on and we’ve all gotten busier convenience has gotten more important. Over time we’ve lost those all important saving skills. However a lot of these skills can save you a bunch of money, and give you a sense of accomplishment to boot.

Here are 6 Forgotten Money Saving Skills:

1. Preserving food

The average Australian throws out $1036 worth of food every year. Learning how to preserve food can help with this. There are loads of ways to preserve food, drying, canning/bottling, freezing food, pickling.

2. Changing Oil

Changing your oil is a cheap way to extend the life of your car. Basic car maintenance was something that most men were just assumed to be able to do in times gone past. Changing your oil is not difficult and anyone can do it.

3. Cooking from scratch

Cooking skills seem not to have been passed down from the depression generation to the current generation. The skills and knowledge that our grandmothers had where not only useful but they saved an incredible amount of money. For example shake and bake pancakes cost $3.47 but the same amount of pancakes could be made for $0.70 if you made it yourself.

4. Mending

My grandmother used to turn my grandfather’s collars around when they wore out and he was quite disappointed when he couldn’t find anyone to sew new elastic into his underwear. However given the low cost of items like underwear these days it might not make sense to repair them, but for expensive clothes it definitely makes sense to patch them up.

5. Plumbing

Changing a washer was a skill most men had at one point. Calling a plumber out to stop a dripping tap will costs you $100 minimum and in a lot of cases they will try and change the whole tap on you.

6. Fishing

A lot of people fish. Spending $50 in bait and petrol to catch $10 worth of fish is however not a frugal hobby. The depression generation where able to feed their family without spending money. If you’re going to fish for food learn to be frugal.  Getting bait for free, fishing from a dock or a canoe, 2nd hand gear.

Obviously ‘doing it yourself’ has limitations. We don’t want to hear feedback of people performing dangerous tasks at home and hurting themselves. Just consider if its worth your time and money to source what you need from someone else, or if you could easily do it yourself.  For example: a hem comes loose. You search for a tailor in your area, compare rates and convenience then drop the clothing off. After a few days you drive back to that same tailor to pay and pick up that one item of clothing. When you add up how long it took you source that tailor, travel, and the cost involved, it would have been cheaper and faster to fix that hem yourself! How many goods and services are you using every week that could be done at home?

Today there are YouTube videos that will show you how to do just about anything. So jump online, learn a new skill and save yourself some money!


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