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5 Forgotten Saving Strategies

5 Forgotten Saving Strategies

It’s not what you earn that shapes your future, but it’s what you save. Saving is a discipline you cultivate, though it’s not always easy to implement. Anyone wishing to avoid financial problems in future should learn to save more now. Here are effective easy saving strategies you can use that will save a few extra dollars every month.

A bit of D.I.Y

Calling in the professionals to offer simple repairs that you could do yourself leads to unnecessary spending. You don’t have to buy a new button because the one on your jacket or shirt is loose. Sewing it back on your own would be one of the cheapest ways of fixing the problem.

Another example is for small fixes in the house. You don’t always need to spend so much money hiring a professional plumber to do simple tasks like unclogging a drain or fixing leaky taps. If you frequently experience simple plumbing problems and call in professionals to fix them, you would spend more than you should.

Making your own stuff is much more fun

Celebrating a birthday of your lovely spouse, child, parent or friend is an excellent way of showing them love. Christmas, an anniversary, or another special occasion; it’s always a great moment when you share happiness and exchange gifts.

Even just making a small gift out of things normally found in your home, or making your own birthday, Christmas or Easter celebration cards can be as creative as you like them to be – and it’s the thought that counts.

You could also make hummus, pancakes, coffee, biscuits and cakes at home for such an event instead of buying them from a supermarket. This shows that you’ve made a conscious effort to impress your friends and family instead of going for the easy (and often more expensive) route.

Keep things until they fall apart

Some stuff you want to replace are actually in good working condition and don’t actually need a replacement. In fact, you can keep many things safe for many years and not need to find an alternative (unless you really want that new smartphone upgrade…).

Keeping little things like sewing kits, first aid equipment and so on helps you save money in the long run. Often only used a few times a year it can actually be very handy to keep around in your bag or in the cupboard at home.

Make do

Following the trend is never a good option (unless it turns out to be cost effective, of course). From cars, clothes, the latest phone, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of fitting in. However, some people don’t realise that simply following trends could be an expensive affair. If you want certain things to match, you should be ready to spend more.

This does not mean you should do away with the “matching” activity, but you should look for cheaper methods instead. For instance, you can get a cheaper alternatives, that could match well at many retailers if you look for the best deals.

It’s one of the easy saving strategies that would help you avoid distressing financial situations later, if you stick to most cost effective choices.

Go for what is free

It doesn’t mean you have to part with a few dollars every time you want to be happy or learn something new. Let technology help you save on what you have always thought is expensive to have.

Top tips to save yourself some dollars are taking walks in the park, attending free events with your friends and attending museums or other free sightseeing tours. In Australia every year there is a free museum weekend if you’re eager to show your kids the best artwork and historical gems on offer in your town.

If you think that all you need to do to save more is having a handsomely-paying job, you’ve got it wrong. You don’t save because the conditions are favorable, but because saving pays off in the long run for not just you but for everyone directly involved.

With the above easy saving strategies, you can save more from your little earnings and make your future dreams come true. Such strategies don’t deny you fun moments, they teach you cheaper or free techniques you can use to enjoy your free time so much more.

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