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40 Clever (& Questionable) Ways to Save Heaps of Cash

40 Clever (& Questionable) Ways to Save Heaps of Cash

Finding honest financial advice online is hard these days. Many articles are sponsored by companies with one goal in mind: change public opinion and drive sales. That inspired our ‘Blogger Ben’ to source 40 money saving hacks from real people in the real world, without all the sales rubbish.
Please note: below are some unconventional tips below which have been sourced from the most frugal people we could find.  While we cannot endorse all of the below, however some saving tips are too clever to exclude. We’re simply passing on raw findings sourced in our research.

40 Ways to Save Money:

Save Cash on Utilitiessave money on utilities

  1. Set up a direct debit. Many utility providers over a 10% discount for paying by direct debit
  2. Use Less Hot Water – Take a Navy Shower – You turn on the water, get wet and then turn off the water. After that you lather up and then turn on the water again to rinse off.
  3. Use cold water for all laundry loads
  4. Wash up in cold water – You can’t make the water hot enough to kill germs without burning your hands. Unless you have lots of fat on the plate cold water will work just as well.
  5. Wash up rather than use the Dish Washer – contrary to popular thought, a dishwasher uses as much water as 6 sinks of water. Dish-washing liquid is also cheaper than tablets.
  6. Turn off appliances at the wall. Sleeping appliances can account for up to 10% of your energy bill
  7. Charge your electronics at work.
  8. Wake up Early. If you go to bed early and wake up early you’ll use less power
  9. Eat more food you don’t have to cook. Cereal and sandwiches can save a lot of gas/power.
  10. Thermos cooking – You can drastically reduce your power/gas consumption by cooking in a thermos. The thermos retains the heat. It’s great for cooking rice or pasta.

Save Cash on Expenses, Interest and Transactionssave cash on expenses

  1. Don’t miss payments. Automate them if possible. If you can’t make a payment call the institution before it dishonour to buy yourself more time.
  2. Shop around. You can save yourself thousands, check around to get the best insurance quotes and interest rates on your loans.
  3. Balance transfer. This is dangerous though so be careful
  4. Try a low fee credit card.
  5. Cancel the insurance in your superannuation.
  6. Use a low fee index fund to invest rather than high fee managed funds.
  7. Cancel unused memberships. How often do you listen to Spotify? Have you been to the gym recently?
  8. Remove your credit card numbers from online accounts. This makes it harder to shop online.
  9. Cancel your credit cards altogether.
  10. Use an envelope budget.

Save Cash on Foodsave money on shopping and food

  1. Make your own lunch every day. This will save you thousands!
  2. Write a shopping list and stick to it. Ordering online can help.
  3. Don’t snack. The French eat 3 meals a day. The rest of the day they drink water or coffee.
  4. Drink a lot of water, water is free as opposed to soft drinks, tea or coffee.
  5. Make your own beer/wine/spirits.
  6. Cook vegetarian 1 night a week
  7. Only buy on sale meat.
  8. Become a tea drinker. Tea is about  7 cents a cup (1 x Bushell’s Tea Bag) vs 23 cents for coffee (1 cup of Moccona)
  9. Don’t like tea, steal your coffee from work.
  10. Attack your food waste. Everything you throw out it is dollars wasted.

Save Cash on Transportsaving money on transport

  1. Keep your tires fully inflated.  This will save fuel, wear and tear.
  2. Remove all unnecessary weight from your car
  3. Try cycling everywhere
  4. If number 33 sounds like a lot of work, consider an electric bicycle and charge it at work.
  5. Enrol in university and cancel before you have to pay fees but you get to keep your student ID for 4 years. Repeat. This will save a fortune in public transport.
  6. Public transport on its own will save money
  7. If cycling isn’t your bag try walking or running
  8. Go easy on the accelerator and break pedal. Driving smoothly can decrease fuel consumption by 20%
  9. At speeds less than 80km/hr have the windows down rather that the air on.
  10. Remove roof racks and spoilers, these increase drag.

Got some ideas of your own?  No matter how crazy, we want to hear them!  Email us your hot tips.

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