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Cheap Treats that are better than Luxurious Versions

Going for luxury is not always affordable, but as we’ve discovered there are some cheap alternatives out there that are pretty close to that expensive name brand item you love. Check out the cheap luxuries in life: Aldi Gin   – Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin is actually Aldi’s home brand. It has recently won gold […]

Top 10 Missed Tax Deductions

It’s tax time again, and sadly, many of us are going to miss out on thousands of dollars of deductions. We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly missed deductions, so you don’t have to pay the ATO any more than is required. You need to be able to justify your deductions. The easiest way […]

Ways to Save Money on Running Your Car

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that vehicle expenses, including ownership and operation, constitute the second biggest percentage of household budget. For most consumers, vehicle purchase is the second biggest acquisition after a home. However, even after you drive out of the dealership lot, the costs continue. Left unchecked, vehicle ownership and upkeep can easily […]

40 Clever (& Questionable) Ways to Save Heaps of Cash

Finding honest financial advice online is hard these days. Many articles are sponsored by companies with one goal in mind: change public opinion and drive sales. That inspired our ‘Blogger Ben’ to source 40 money saving hacks from real people in the real world, without all the sales rubbish. Please note: below are some unconventional tips below […]

Low Income Super Contribution

You may have heard some minor buzz about government-funded super to the value of $500; we thought we would pull together the basic facts to give you an idea about who can access the contribution and how it can be done. What is Low-Income Super Contribution? The Low Income Super Contribution (LISC) is a super […]

7 Must Buys at Aldi Foodstores

Aldi is a discounting powerhouse that has forced down grocery prices in Australia. They typically sell only their own brand and the quality is generally about the same as the store brand in Coles or Woolworths. There fruit, vegetables and meat is in general are terrible. Occasionally you can get some really cheap fruit and […]

Why You Should Track Your Spending

Tracking your spending is the single most important thing you can do to organise and begin to recover from financial woes and debt. Are you consistently finding that you are broke despite making enough money to seemingly cover everything? Are you having to forgo things that should have been affordable at your income because of […]

6 Forgotten Money Saving Skills

It used to be that we all had a range of skills that were necessary for everyday life. As times gone on and we’ve all gotten busier convenience has gotten more important. Over time we’ve lost those all important saving skills. However a lot of these skills can save you a bunch of money, and […]

How to Save on Electricity in a Rental Property

In the past few years, electricity prices have doubled, making Australian power one of the most expensive energy sources in the world. If you’re a home owner, then you can make big changes to your home to drop your power bill, but what can you do as a renter? We’ve developed a list of changes […]

Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover

Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover is probably the most famous personal finance book on the market today. In fact, the top 7 of the top 10 personal finance books on Amazon are all written by Dave Ramsey. If you’ve been trying to get out of debt and doing some research on the internet, it is impossible […]

How To Find The Cheapest Flights

Cheap flights are almost a rare find these days, but there is still hope of getting those cheap tickets. The biggest expenditure when planning a trip is booking the flight. The days of cheap travel and transport are over, which is why it’s more important now than ever to find good deals on your flight. […]

Live decadently while on a budget with these 5 affordable luxuries

Living under a budget often means sacrificing a lot of your favourite things just to get by – from eating at your number one restaurant, to even being able to cook yourself pancakes. However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom when you’ve got a craving for something a bit more expensive. In […]

5 ways your dog saves you money

Dating Sites – Dogs are a great way to meet people. Whether it’s out on a walk, around your neighbourhood or at the dog park. Something about a dog just makes starting a conversation easier. Counselling – Dogs are great counsellors, they’re always there to listen and they never chime in with unwanted advice. Research […]

5 Forgotten Saving Strategies

It’s not what you earn that shapes your future, but it’s what you save. Saving is a discipline you cultivate, though it’s not always easy to implement. Anyone wishing to avoid financial problems in future should learn to save more now. Here are effective easy saving strategies you can use that will save a few […]