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Debt Management

Debt Management

If you’re struggling with debt, have multiple debts can make getting out of debt even more difficult. Juggling monthly, weekly, fortnightly repayments makes it difficult to know what’s coming out and when. Different interest rates also make it difficult to prioritise which debt you want to focus on.

Debt Mediators can help you by managing your debts for you. With a debt agreement you will make only one payment and we will distribute the money to your creditors. Debt agreements freeze the interest and can reduce the total amount you repay. They however are only for insolvent people.

If you are unable to pay your bills when they fall due you are insolvent. If you’re insolvent you have a range of debt management options available including debt agreements, personal insolvency agreements and bankruptcy.

Let Debt Mediators put in place a formal agreement between you and your creditors. Let us manage you debts and you can get on with your life.