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Personal Debt Solutions

We offer a huge variety of fresh start solutions to personal debt, so we’re sure to provide a solution that meets your unique financial situation.
Explore the many debt solutions available below, check out our Debt Solutions Quick Guide or feel free to call for a chat with a consultant.


personal debt solutions in australiaWhen you feel your finances are becoming a huge burden to handle on a daily basis, you’re not alone, and you can be safe in confiding in someone to help you manage your budgets in a safe and controlled environment. Debt experts can organise realistic budget options for you that can help you manage your money more effectively.

Financial Hardship

When you’re unable to come to a solution with your debt troubles, despite your willingness to fix them, you would come under the term of financial hardship. Examples of financial hardship happen when certain life-changing events happen, such as if you lose your job or if there’s a sudden change in your expenditure.

Payment Strategies

Payment Strategies can help you find your way out of the red without having to reframe your finances and measuring what goes in and what goes out every month. One of our experts at Debt Mediators will be able to provide you with a list of methods you may want to consider, through the recommendation from a debt consultant.

Bad Credit Loans

In the current climate, it can be difficult to secure a loan or finance without a perfect credit history. Lenders are increasingly wary of offering bad credit loans or bad credit finance because of the perceived risk involved. However there is another way – if you’re after bad credit loans to pay off old debts, we may be able to help you with a loan-free alternative.

Debt Consolidation

Woman concerned with credit cardsIf you’re in good financial standing merging your debts under one repayment (like a loan or mortgage), Debt Consolidation may be available. The advantages of such a system include lower interest rates, the ability to feel more free to handle your money and allows a longer time frame in which you can pay off your debts. This in itself can relieve a lot of stress on many people eager to seek some extra funds for every month.

Debt Agreements

For those that don’t want to pursue the possibility of filing for bankruptcy, a debt agreement can be a good option. Debt Mediators can merge all of your debts into one easy to manage payment and do all of the negotiations for you. Another benefit to a debt agreement is that all interest is frozen, meaning you only need to repay what you can afford to each month.

Personal Insolvency Agreements

PIA’s are created for those that are not eligible for a consolidation loan or a debt agreement, usually for those that are suffering from over $80,000 in debt. With these, you can ensure that creditors only offer you what you can both agreed on and work on repaying your debts in small, manageable chunks.


In one clean sweep, you can make all of your unsecured debts disappear and start afresh. However, this isn’t for the faint-hearted, and all other areas should be considered before you consider bankruptcy. Many regulations must be followed throughout the process and it can be taxing to live with. Read here to find out all about bankruptcy and how to do it safely.

Debt Management

Having more than one type of debt can be a struggle when trying to get out of a tricky situation, especially when you have weekly, monthly or even fortnightly repayments to make. Read all about the methods of healthy debt management and how Debt Mediators can help you tackle them.

How We Help You

From far and wide, Debt Mediators has helped thousands of Australians in financial difficulty no matter what the situation they face. We offer support on a variety of debt relief products for individuals after a no-obligation consultation with our team.