Get Out of Debt, Fast!

Get out of debt

Debt Mediators specializes in helping Australians struggling with debt problems to become debt free. We have been doing this successfully for years, using a broad selection of specialty products developed for people are insolvent.

What does it mean to be insolvent? If you cannot pay your bills when they are due, you are considered to be insolvent. This labels you as unlikely to be able to repay your debts. In such cases, interest usually piles up, resulting in debts that accrue faster than they can be repaid.

Debt Mediators offers options to insolvent Australians that can freeze interest and also reduce the balance of the debt to a level you can afford. We then construct a detailed picture of your finances and your budget. Finally, we and work directly with you to find affordable repayment level that is suitable for to get out of debt

But wait, there’s more! We also have a team of Client Support officers. These officers will work with you if anything goes wrong along the way. In fact, they won’t stop working with you until you are totally debt free.

How to get out of debt:

Step 1: Free Phone Consultation, Debt Analysis & Savings Estimate

The Debt Mediators process begins with a phone call. You will speak to someone in Australia. We have experienced Debt Experts ready to run through your finances. They all come from a banking/insurance/finance background and have gone through extensive training.  Our employees are passionate about helping Australians get out of debt.   The Debt Solutions Expert will run through your income and expenses, then compare your situation against data we’ve collected over a decade to ensure the options presented to you are affordable and sustainable.

Step 2: Discovery Process and Document Production

We go through a “discovery process”. This is to ensure we get to the bottom of your financial difficulties and solve them permanently. The process includes collecting proofs of debt, getting a credit history, valuing any assets, contacting all your creditors, reviewing your income documents and whatever investigations are necessary to ensure that the agreement is affordable and sustainable. Using all the information identified in the discovery process we prepare all the legal documents necessary. At this point, we will contact you in order to run through everything a final time before sending the documents to you.get relief from debt

Step 3: Creditors Notified and New Arrangement in place

Once completed, your documentation will be submitted to AFSA. Depending on which debt solution was selected, that may be it. For others, there will be a 7 week voting period by your creditors. Most agreements are approved, and close to 100% are approved following a second submission.  At this point, your loan agreements and credit contracts are modified. All legal action stops. All interest fees and charges on your debts stop.  Creditors are prohibited by law from contacting you.  With your debts now under control, you can get back to living.

I called Debt Mediators when I was going through a tough time financially and couldn’t get on track… when I spoke to Debt Mediators it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. All of the people I spoke to were so understanding and nice. Everyone was really helpful, no request was too difficult to complete and no question was too hard to explain. I now have something in place where I can start fresh and pay off my debts. – Matt


If you are looking for a way out of a tight financial situation in Australia, Debt Mediators have already helped people pay off millions of dollars in debt. Our team is ready, waiting and armed with a battery of effective solutions to help you begin your path towards total debt freedom. Get in touch with our team and get started on your financial freedom journey today!