Get Out of Debt, Fast!

How to get started on becoming debt free

To get started we need a basic understanding of your income, expenses and debts in order to provide you with sound advice.

When you have 5 minutes free, call us direct on 1300 171 351 for a Debt Analyst to walk you through your options, help you permanently get rid of your debt and create a new life.

our consultants provide a free savings estimate to help you become debt free

During your free Debt Analysis & Savings Estimate, you can expect us to:

  1. Take the time to understand your situation without judgement.
  2. Design a plan to put you back in control of your finances
  3. Provide an estimate on how much we’ll save you
  4. Let you know how fast you can be debt free
  5. Keep our conversation private and your details confidential


It’s honestly a great feeling knowing you’re helping me through my stressful financial struggle, thank you also to Amanda as she was also very helpful to me in the first instance, you have been very informative, and very supportive. I feel reassured in the sense that I finally see myself getting back on track financially. You don’t know what your help means to me. – Sue


What’s it’s like to become debt free?

You get to relax

You don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay you debts. You don’t have to worry about debt collector calls.  You can sleep at night.

All your money is yours

Your creditors don’t own most of your paycheck.  No more interest to pay. Now you can start saving the banks will start paying YOU interest.


Now you don’t have debt what will you do? Quit your job. Start a business. Have a baby? Go on a holiday?


Debt free people are happier. University studies show that 29% of people have high levels of anxiety and 200% more likely to have a mental health problem.  Arguments about money are the top predictor of divorce.


Joining Debt Mediators was the only good decision I made 5 years ago. Yesterday was my final payment. Today I woke up with free of debt feeling which was fantastic! Thank you so much for your help and advises. I am eternally grateful – Annie

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