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Financial Abuse

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is a type of domestic abuse that isn’t often talked about. Often those who are being abused don’t view it as abuse because there’s no “violence”. Domestic abuse really comes down to strategies that abusers use to exert control over their partner, and other family members. Financial abuse can include taking complete control over the finances, belittling the money management skills of the other party. One party is then given an “allowance” that is used to control the other person.  Frequently all the purchases made with the “allowance” are scrutinized but none of the spending of the other person is.

One partner with “bad credit” or a poor work history may get the other partner to get all the debt for the “couple” in their name, even though frequently the asset purchased with that debt is under the control of the other party.

One partner may be forbidden from working, their education opportunities may be restricted, jobs may be sabotaged in order to increase that person’s reliance on the other person.

One partner might refuse to work.

Financial abuse makes it exceedingly difficult for someone to leave.  They have limited access to money and may not even be aware of what their financial situation is. This is especially true when children are involved. How do you pay for a rental deposit, furniture, food, etc?

If you’ve been left with debt as a result of an abusive relationship we can assist you in managing that debt.

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