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7 Penny Pinching Celebrities & Their Stingy Ways

7 Penny Pinching Celebrities & Their Stingy Ways

When we think of celebrities our minds are big wallets, fancy cars, mansions and endless social engagements… not penny pinching scrooges. Millionaires are though to spend up big buying everything their heart desires. Resorts, clothes, shoes and their friends!

However, as you are about to learn, not every filthy rich celebrity believes in following this stereotype.  Believe it or not many of the well off celebs choose to drive an inexpensive car and eat fast food.  Maybe that’s the secret to being rich, not spending your money.

Here are 7 stingy, penny pinching celebrities that know how to ‘stay’ wealthy:

  1. Paul McCartney

    Penncy Pinching Paul McCartney
    Despite being worth over $1 Billion the ex-Beatle is a notorious tightwad. He known for traveling in economy class and doesn’t wear designer clothes, even though his daughter Stella is a famous designer. Stella infamously called him a “tight bastard” for sending her and her siblings to a local state school rather than private schools. He even made guests pay for their own drink and his ex-wife’s birthday party.

  2. Warren Buffet

    The world’s third richest man eats every morning at McDonalds. He still lives in the first house he bought in Omaha, for $31,500. He drives a 2006 Cadilac DTS and uses a Nokia flip phone.

  3. Kristen Bell

    She uses coupons and shops at Target. She was spotted on a red carpet wearing a $45 dress from Target. Smart or penny pinching?

  4. Vincent Kartheiser

    The Mad Men star, recently married to Gilmore Girls Alexis Bledel , lives in a tiny studio apartment in New York and doesn’t own a car, preferring to take the public transport. “It’s wonderful, instead of being stressed out about traffic, you can do your exercises or whatever on the bus.”

  5. Sarah Jessica Parker

    She’s worth $90mil and is famous for playing Carrie, who’s obsession with designer fashion and shoes left her broke.  However in real life she only dresses her in hand me downs from her older nephews.

  6. Queen Elizabeth

    The British tabloid often go on about the Queen’s passion for turning the lights off around Buckingham Palace.

  7. Mark Zuckerberg

    The Facebook founder is multibillionaire but drives a Volkswagen Golf.  He’s also famous for wearing the same grey –shirt and hoodie to work every day.  He married his wife Priscilla Chan in their backyard.

Whats the moral of this story?  Truly successful people know that wealth is found in your savings account, not your driveway.

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