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10 Side Income Ideas to Earn More Money

10 Side Income Ideas to Earn More Money

The realisation that 2.5 million Australians are living with high financial stress is distressing in itself. If you’re one of those people and are looking for a way to earn some extra income to help alleviate that stress by paying down your debt, consider starting your own side or small business.

Coming up with a good side business idea that isn’t going to take up too much of your time may seem daunting but we’ve compiled a list of what we hope will get those ideas, and side income, flowing.

We’ve broken the list into two categories: Work from Home Ideas which also include the best side business ideas; and Small Business Ideas for those of you aiming to work for yourselves without high overhead costs.

Work from Home/Best Side Business Ideas

1. Rent out a room in your house

This is probably the easiest way to make some extra income, especially when a site like Airbnb exists. Invest in a new doona cover, plush pillows and towels to ensure your houseguest feels like they’re getting their money’s worth. Be sure to make the room appealing: hang fairy lights, tasteful art or framed movie posters and include local sites to see, best public transport options and if you love cooking, offer them the option of eating meals at your table at a set price. You could also play tour guide and offer to drive them to a popular destination at a cost — remember, Australia is still a hot tourist destination so take advantage of it and earn some extra income at the same time.

2. Start a Family Day Care

If you love children, have a plethora of patience and a large house to accommodate up to five small people, family day care could be for you. You’ll need to find out the nuts and bolts of what steps need to be taken to ensure your home is safe and you have the right insurance but luckily, details how to establish a family day care service.

3. Social Media Manager

Let’s be honest, the idea of spending all day in your PJs is appealing to everyone and you could make it happen by becoming a social media manager. In other words, getting paid to manage businesses’ social media accounts i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. If you know how to use these platforms, you’re well on your way. The work includes setting up social media accounts for businesses including managing and replying comments. Sites like allow you to create a freelancer account so businesses can find you — there are a number of categories to choose from including freelance legal, accounting and consulting, and more. There is a small monthly fee but will charge you just once to join. At the moment they are offering half price for Australian residents (just $17). There are personal testimonials from real people about how much money they were able to make using the service. Alternatively, you could approach small businesses in your local area and offer to manage their social media accounts. If you have a computer, the internet and a little bit of common sense, the sky’s the limit!

4. Batch Cooking

Love to cook but don’t want to face a Gordon Ramsey type in a professional kitchen? Batch cooking could be for you. Batch cooking is ideal for busy families on the go and you could be the one to provide them with well balanced, nutritional meals. You could offer a once a week batch cook or once a month. You’ll need to get do a food handling course and obtain a food handling certificate, which you can do online at While sourcing clients may seem daunting, if you’re a parent with school aged children, consider hosting a social event at your home and inviting working parents to sample your food or, use social media to your advantage by getting the word out there.

5. Growing and Selling Produce

If you have a bit of a green thumb and knowledge about seasonal produce, growing and selling that produce could be a lucrative side business for you. Obviously, you’ll need the land and know-how in order to do it successfully and without too much extra cost to yourself but with careful planning and research, it could become a wonderful side business and side income generator as you could not only sell to individuals but also at farmer’s markets in your area or produce suppliers. Take a look at to learn how one man turned his front yard into a vegetable patch.


Small Business Ideas

1. Dog walker

This may seem like something you only see in movies that pretty girls in stilettos seem to do but it’s an honest to goodness money maker. A lot of wealthy people need someone to walk their dogs as they’re too busy gazing out their high rise offices at views most of us have never seen so why not let that person be you? You could couple your dog walking service with a dog sitting service — most dog owners don’t like the idea of leaving their pooch at home alone all day and you could offer dog sitting at fee. There are also people who would prefer to not leave their precious four-legged mates in dog kennels while they jet around the world and you could provide a dog and house sitting service as well. Advertise your services at local vets in the area, via social media and word of mouth.

2. Event DJ

Love music and have your own sound system? Start a side business or small business offering your DJ services. Think weddings, corporate events, kids’ birthday parties, milestone birthdays for adults and more. If you have a large collection of music that isn’t too specific (although, there are certainly people who would love nothing more than Scottish pirate metal on heavy rotation, surely?) becoming an event DJ will take some legwork but could also be a lucrative small business or side business if you’ve got the skillz to back it up.

3. Gardening/Handyman services

If you’re good with your hands and don’t mind getting a bit dirty, there is always a need for gardening and/or handyman services in every area. Check out established businesses like Hire-A-Hubby for tips, or to start your own franchise. But if you are more interested in generating your own side income or establishing a small business, there’s nothing stopping you. You’ll need to research what type of insurance you’ll need in order to guarantee your work but there is definitely a need for this type of work out there. Also, remember you don’t have have to be a man to be good at this type of work!

4. Pet waste cleanup/Grooming

Even pets need a little TLC — start your own pet grooming and waste management business. Think about marketing your business as one that stands out from the rest and possibly consider incorporating a variety of services to make your small business idea really shine. Pet grooming could include not just wash and dry but nail clipping, hair cutting and styling. Waste management doesn’t just have to be scooping the poop, you could also refresh cat litters, purchase pet food and administer flea, tick and worming tablets and even accompany Fido or Mr Cat Face to the vet.

5. Elderly assistance

Many children of elderly and ageing parents are willing to pay someone to help out with cleaning, laundry, cooking, driving and so on. Many elderly have a variety of appointments they need to attend during any given week — doctor’s appointment, eye check-ups, hearing aid maintenance, dentistry and more — advertise your services as one which will not only drive clients to appointments but also manage and maintain these appointments to ensure a client is getting the best care possible. This could be an excellent small business or side business depending on how much time you have and what you’re willing to do but many elderly people who aren’t living in homes are in need of help. You could also do their grocery shopping for them, provide nutritious meals daily or once a week and help them manage their life. You could advertise your services in doctor’s surgeries, online or in print.

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