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Money Problems Our Grandparents Never Had

Olden days were when people live happily with what they had, without much expense at all. We researched today’s biggest expenses that never existing in yesteryear. 8 expenses our grandparents never had: Mobile Phone Bills Our grandparents for most of their lives never had mobile phones. For my grandparents, they didn’t have phones at all […]

Stop Fighting About Money in Your Relationship

Having a different money style to your partner can cause a lot of fighting about money.  I’m a saver. My first instinct is to not spend any money at all. The only clothes I own are the ones my wife gives to me at Christmas, that she buys at Target because she knows if she buys […]

Never Use Your Superannuation to Pay Your Debt!

So many banks and debt collectors actively encourage people to access their superannuation, when actually it can spell dire consequences down the line if you don’t do your research. What is a superannuation? In layman’s terms, a superannuation is a regular payment that is made that will contribute towards your pension. Maintaining a superannuation is […]

7 Penny Pinching Celebrities & Their Stingy Ways

When we think of celebrities our minds are big wallets, fancy cars, mansions and endless social engagements… not penny pinching scrooges. Millionaires are though to spend up big buying everything their heart desires. Resorts, clothes, shoes and their friends! However, as you are about to learn, not every filthy rich celebrity believes in following this […]

Smash these 6 Money Moments & Destroy Debt

It’s not too late to make 2017 the year you win the war on personal debt. If that seems daunting, try breaking that one goal into smaller bite sized chunks. That’ll keep motivation humming with little wins along the way with achievable ‘Money Moments’.  These are goals to hit before the end of the year that will […]

6 Ways To Teach Kids Good Money Habits

Your kids won’t listen to you when you tell them not to get a phone contract, or a credit card, in generally they won’t listen to you period.   Your kids will however learn from the behaviour you model. Every second of the day your kids are learning from you by watching.  This makes it vitally […]

The Biggest Financial Mistakes People Make

Everyday we admit to making bad financial choices that might end up costing us for years to come. College graduates, employees, retirement plans, not receiving the right level of care early on to deal with these issues head on – poor financial planning and/or lack of spending or budgeting knowledge will still result in missing […]

Beware Of Little Expenses That Add Up Over Time

If you’re struggling financially, then chances are that you might be doing some soul-searching by asking, “How did I get here?” Ben Franklin’s famous quote: “beware of little expenses, a small leak will sink a great ship”, might offer some answers. For most of our clients, this accurately describes their financial trouble. They don’t notice the dollars […]

10 Side Income Ideas to Earn More Money

The realisation that 2.5 million Australians are living with high financial stress is distressing in itself. If you’re one of those people and are looking for a way to earn some extra income to help alleviate that stress by paying down your debt, consider starting your own side or small business. Coming up with a […]

What Is Financial Abuse?

Financial abuse is one aspect of domestic abuse that can occur with or without the commonly associated violence which occurs from both genders in unhealthy relationships. If you are currently experiencing financial or domestic abuse or have in the recent past please report it to the relevant authorities, leave the situation if at all possible, […]

The Global Financial Crisis: What was it and how did it happen?

Financial markets’ role in the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and the impact of the GFC on financial markets The Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2010 is generally considered to be the worst global financial crisis since the 1930s Great Depression (Schlisserman, n.d.). The GFC is generally defined from bank liquidity problems that happened at the start of 2007 (Crouhy […]

Financial Lessons From My Grandparents

The saying of respecting your elders is always seen as a rule of thumb, but they can often give you life-changing advice that you can pass on to your children and your children’s children. Here are some financial lessons that you can take from your grandparents, and how you can still use them in today’s […]

6 Little Known Things affecting your Application for Credit

There are many different things that affect your chances of getting credit and it’s not just your credit report. It can actually be down to just the smallest thing on your application that you missed, or even the credit card you’re exactly applying for. Here are 6 things you should think about next time you […]

Financial Lessons for My Son

My son is only 18 months old, too young to actually teach anything about money.  Given what I do for a living, I have started to think about what I would like him to think about money. Money isn’t evil. Having a lot it doesn’t make you a bad person. If you got that money […]

Financial Preconceptions

It occurs to me that many people have financial preconceptions. I posted previously about private education and whether or not it’s a good investment (my feeling was that it wasn’t). I wonder, though, if that’s the tip of the preconception ice burg. This leads me to think about other financial preconceptions that people might have. […]