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Things a Debt Collector Can’t Do

Things a Debt Collector Can’t Do

Everyone is worried by Debt Collectors.  You’re worried about what they are going to do.  Your worst fears start to take over. You’re not sure what it is specifically but they are going to ruin your life.  With that in mind here is a list of things Debt Collectors cannot do!

  • They can’t show up at your house or your place of work if you refuse.
  • They can’t chase your spouse or family members for the debt or give them bad credit unless they are parties to the debt.
  • They can’t talk to anyone else but you about the debt unless they are parties to the debt (They can try and locate you, but they can’t disclose details about your private affairs).
  • They can’t bankrupt you right away.
  • They can’t take your households items unless they are security for the debt.
  • They can’t call you after 9pm or before 7.30am.
  • They can’t put you in jail.. it’s not illegal to be in debt.

If you’re in debt, it can be stressful but, and I tell people this every day, it’s not cancer.  The worst that’s going to happen is bankruptcy.  Thankfully we live in Australia and for the majority of people all that that means is; the debt goes away and you can’t travel overseas for 3 years.  Granted, it’s a bit more complicated (call us we’ll can walk you through it).  You can get so caught up in debt that you can’t see the big picture.  You CAN FIX IT, you will get past this and life will be grand again.

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