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7 Pictures Only Broke People Will Understand

7 Pictures Only Broke People Will Understand

There are many reasons for ending up broke.  Sometimes they’re our fault, and sometimes they’re not.  Either way, if you’ve found yourself raiding the pigging bank and too scared to get cash out (because the ATM fee will leave you too short for that direct debit) then you’ll understand this pictures.

Pictures broke people understand:

  1. You put on more clothes rather than turning the heater on.

    How many winters have you sat inside freezing to death, but the thought of turning on the power guzzling fan heater was not an option. Maybe it was for a few moments until you weighted up what was more important, booze or heat!

  2. All your sauce bottles are upside down.

    When there is no spare change for heating, are you really going to buy backup food? Hell no!  You’re going to wait until the last drop has fallen out of that sauce bottle, then hope that one of your housemates will replace it before you do.

  3. You can’t remember the last time you serviced your car and ALL your warning lights are on.

    All those extra lights make it distracting to drive at night, but they are just ‘warning lights’ after all…., right? Besides, the festive glow they give your car interior would be missed.

  4. The rent is almost all of your paycheck.

    Whether you’re living beyond your means or not earning enough for that shoe box, we can all say we’ve experienced this at one time of our life.
    Unless Mummy and Daddy were helping out.  In which case what are you doing on this blog anyway?

  5. All your recipes are based on Sausages and Mince.

    Sausages with mash, sausages with beans, sausages with frozen mixed vegetables, or just on white bread when things are really bad.
    Mince stir-fry with frozen mixed veggies, spaghetti bog (made with tomato sauce), 2-minute noodles and meatballs.
    Thank goodness for the parsley that started growing under the fence so you’re getting your greens!

  6. You drive around potholes so your bald tires don’t blow.

    Are they really bald or has the external packaging just scrapped off revealing some shiny metal wires that add a little bling to your wheels? Then there is that scaping metal sound you decided to ignore which turned out to be your brake pads screaming to be replaced. Whoops!  Who knew.

  7. You’ve sold your stuff to pay a bill.

    You never thought it would come to this, but here you are at cash converters flogging your gaming console.  You feel dirty right now but getting that debt collector off your back is going to be such a relief.  It’s about a week after paying your bill that you realise you totally got ripped off in a moment of desperation and begging your parents for a loan would have been better than basically giving away your source of entertainment.

Do you have some pictures to contribute? We’d love to see them!
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If we get a laugh out of it, then we’ll add them to this post with your first name.

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