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4 Unbelievable Debt Issues: Goons, Implants & More

4 Unbelievable Debt Issues: Goons, Implants & More

We all experience challenging debt issues in our lives from time to time. Then there are those individuals who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances beyond belief!  We collected our biggest jaw dropping client issues from the last 10 years for your reading pleasure.

1. Can they repossess my breast implants?

A couple of years ago I received a tearful call from a young lady. She had been receiving a lot of calls from a particularly aggressive debt collector. The loan in question was used for plastic surgery and the debt collector had started threatening to repossess the client’s breast implants.  What exactly the client thought the debt collector was going to do I don’t know but they had her terrified.

I explained that there was no way they debt collector was going to be able to reposes her breast implants. Obviously she was incredibly relieved.

Over the years I’ve also had debt collectors threaten to reposes dental braces as well. The client had to find a new orthodontist but she kept her braces.

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2. Can you help with the hired goon?

One of our staff received a terrifying call from a man about 10 years ago. The person was calling because there was a large, heavily tattooed man with a steel pipe demanding payment on a debt. The caller wanted us to talk to them!  We had to tell the client that we were not the right people to talk to. The right people to talk to was THE POLICE!  Thank fully in the last 10 years the payday lending space has been dramatically cleaned up, and all the loan sharks have been driven out of the space.

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3. Death and Debt

One client called, again in an emotional mess, they had $50,000 worth of credit card debt and had just been told they had terminal cancer. In between sobs they told us they were worried that their kids would be pursue for the debt after they died and they obviously didn’t want to do that to them.  Thankfully I was able to tell her that under Australian law debt doesn’t get passed on after death. Anything owing would be deducted from their estate at death and if there wasn’t anything in their estate the debt is extinguished.  I was also able to tell them that they should apply for hardship. Which could give them a protracted period off payments while they come to terms with things.

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4. Sexually Transmitted Debt Cured

A rather angry lady called one day.  She’d been left with about $10,000 worth of credit card debt after separating from her boyfriend. To make matters worse the debt had been run up by her ex cheating on her with another woman. They’d gone on a “business trip”, there were hotels and dinners out. Her ex had told her that if she didn’t pay it she would end up with a default. Also that she’d never be able to buy a house, something she desperately wanted.

She’d been diligently paying the credit card but had recently had her overtime cut and couldn’t afford to make the payments.  We contacted the lender and it turned out she was a secondary card holder, meaning she wasn’t legally responsible for the debt. The ex was responsible and he’d tricked her into paying it. Needless to say she never made a payment on that debt ever again.

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The moral of these debt issues? No matter what situation you’re in, it pays to speak to experts.  You could save a fortune and your sanity!

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