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Category: Credit Card Insights

Should You Pay Credit Card Debt Before Saving?

Occasionally we talk to people who have credit card debt AND savings. They might owe $5,000 on cards and have $3,000 in savings. We’re always confused as to why people would do this. A survey found that 90% of people with credit card debt had liquid savings at the same time. Logically, it makes no […]

How Long Are You Really Going to Be in Debt?

Presently, it could take up to 11 years at the least, to pay off a standard credit card debt: Australians owe 38 billion dollars on their credit cards. The average person owes $4900 and paying back the minimum can mean that it takes 11 years to pay off your debt, with much of that being interest. […]

Father of 2 Overcomes Divorce & Credit Card Debt

This month we spoke with Chris, who recently made his last payment and cleared his mountain of credit card debt.  We asked him about how he lost control of finances, what promoted him to seek help and the lessons he learnt along the way. How Chris conquered credit card debt… Can you fill us in on your background? […]

4 Things That Influence Credit Card Debt

When faced with the urge to splurge, asking what initiated that plan to purchase puts control back in the hands of the consumer. Identifying the origins of desires helps us separate want from need, saves buyer remorse and keeps credit card debt in check! Parents who earn more than you do Growing up in a household where […]

Credit Card Debt Help

Banks are under increasing pressure to provide assistance to customers struggling with credit cards, given the current financial climate. In Australia, all consumer finance providers (not for business purposes) are signatories to the Uniform Consumer Credit Code (CCC). This is state legislation based on common principles. The Government help with credit card debt all the […]