Get Out of Debt, Fast!

Consolidating Credit Card Debt

Most people that we talk to are struggling with credit card debt. They contact us looking for credit card consolidation. The average Australian now owes $3,000 in credit card debt, and that includes children and the elderly. We can assist you with consolidation for credit cards through a debt agreement or a range of options for you to manage your debt.

Credit card debt consolidation accounts for over 50% of the lending done by most banks. There are a number ways in which to do this. Credit card consolidation can be done through balance transfer. Credit card debt consolidation can also be done through personal loans and mortgage refinancing. If you have bad credit, however, consolidation for credit cards really comes down to non-loan options.

Debt Agreements and Personal Insolvency Agreements are a formal, managed plan which allows you to settle your debts by paying an affordable amount of money, over a set period of time. The agreement is a loan free solution with one regular payment for people who are struggling with debt. They are discussed here, because if you have bad credit, this may be an option for you.

We have many people asking us if there are credit cards for bad credit. Unfortunately, there are not. However, if you can get rid of your credit card debt, you are able to use that money to pay for things for which you would otherwise have used your credit cards.