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Thrifty Date Night Ideas that will Make You Look Good

Make your nights memorable, super fun & romantic with thrifty date night ideas. Check our awesome plans to entertain your partner all day and night for less, and still impress! Below is the list of thrifty date night ideas that will make you look good: 36 Questions List of questions created by a psychologist, who […]

The Envelope Budget

I’ve tried everything over the years to manage my money, but nothing is as successful as the envelope budget. I attempted a budget, but a budget for me was just a list of good intentions. Like joining a gym and never going, or buy a whole bunch of vegetables that rot in the fridge. I […]

Paying Yourself First

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed extra cash or had unforeseen expenses pop up on you and not been able to take care of them due to living paycheck to paycheck, then this idea will definitely benefit you. The basic concept is to automatically have a small percentage of your paycheck […]

9 Ways to Stick to a Shopping Budget

Sticking to a budget during the holidays is HARD! We researched a few easy ways to use behavioral economics to stick to your budget and save some serious cash. Debt Agreement Administrator ‘Ben’ talks about his recent shopping experience: “I walked out of the store holding the skateboard and elbow pads. My son’s birthday was in […]

Budget Tips: 22 Simple Ways to Spend Less.

Want to stick to a budget but can’t get started? Pulling together details like your income, expenses and debts only takes minutes, so stop putting it off.  The rewards of building a better relationship with your money will have you looking back at today thinking “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”.  When you compare spending a […]

Dealing With Personal Debts In Relationships

Debt is a sure cause for many marriage break-ups. Almost 80% of the divorced couples mention financial troubles as one of the major causes. This is according to information published on The Dollar Stretcher. However, despite the gravity of debt in a relationship, you can follow these tips on how to avoid relationship debt and […]

6 Best Money Management Apps

Sticking to your home budget can be difficult — even for the most experienced among us. Recently, we spoke to a financial planner who admitted even he utilises a money management app to assist with tracking spending, budgeting accordingly, and paying off debt. There is no shame in taking advantage of what’s on offer in the […]

The Best way to use your Tax Return

Invest in an espresso machine – A cup of takeaway espresso costs about $4 but made at home costs about $1 to make. If you had 2 cups per day thats a saving of $6/day or $2,190 per yea Buy Homebrew equipment –  Coopers Homebrew beer will costs about $6/carton. Commercial beer is about $40/carton. […]

Couple’s Money – How to Budget Together

Money in relationships can be an issue of contention. A commonly known fact is that money problems are the number one reason for divorce. Money problems directly affect many shared life activities associated with relationship satisfaction, such as buying a house, enjoying holidays, caring for children and what you can do on the weekend. When […]