5 FREE Workouts for a Fit Body & Bank Account

Save money while getting fit

CrossFit, personal training or gym memberships all cost a fortune and not an option if you’re trying to get out of debt. You don’t have to spend money to get fit. If you’re becoming debt free getting fit can actually be a great source of cheap entertainment. In fact, getting fit can actually save you money! Here are some ideas to get you fitter, faster than ever!

walking1. Walking

Walking is amazing exercise. It burns a decent amount of calories without putting a lot of stress on your body. In terms of longevity walking may be the best form of exercise. The best bit is it’s not a “hard core” workout, you can enjoy the scenery; listen to the birds or an audio book. Aim for 10,000 steps but anything is better than none.

Free Weightlifting to save money2. Free Strength Workouts

Want to get strong but can’t afford a gym membership or exercise equipment. Don’t worry, you can get ridiculously strong doing just body weight exercises. All you really need is a chin up bar and your local park will happily supply that for free. You can even walk there and count that towards your “warm up”. Gorilla Workout is a great cheap app with lots of different programs to get you on your way.

Bike riding to save money3. Cycling to work

This is great exercise and it will save you a lot of money. How much money? When I garaged my car and only cycled everywhere for 6 months I banked $1000, I had to bring lunch with me which saved even more. You don’t have to have to be a lycra clad warrior or even cycle fast to discover it can be quicker than driving when there’s traffic.

Run to save money4. Running

Running is amazing exercise and the pavement is free! All you need is shoes, maybe not even that if you want to go barefoot. In good news for the budget conscious research has shown that cheap shoes are often better than expensive running shoes. Running apps like ‘Couch to 5k’are cheap, plentiful and will ease you into getting more distance or time with every workout.

Skip to save money5. Skipping

There’s a reason why history’s greatest boxers all skipped, it gets you incredibly fit! YouTube has a huge number of routines you can copy. With all things there are some apps but I would just use a Couch to 5K app.

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5 Simple Tips to Maintain Money Motivation

Tips to reach your financial goals

Debt, like gaining weight, creeps up on you slowly. A couple of dollars here and there and before you know it, you’re thousands of dollars in debt. Getting into debt doesn’t happen overnight, but everyone has this subconscious expectation that they are going to get debt free, or skinny, in a couple of months. The reality is that getting out debt will probably be a multiyear commitment. Maintaining your motivation over that time can be difficult. At times your motivation will waver, and that’s okay. Below are some tips for maintaining your motivation to reach your financial goals.

Write down goals1. Write your goal down.

You are 42% more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down. Most people hope and dream about goals in their mind, but by writing down your goal, it will become concrete in the physical world with a stronger chance of becoming reality. When you know what you are working on, like being debt free, it gives your journey meaning, purpose and keeps you on track.

List your goals2. Write down your list of reasons for achieving the goal

Write down a list of every reason why you want to accomplish your goal. Put it in your wallet or purse, then get it out every time you feel your motivation wavering. Write down 500 reasons if you can. For example; you won’t have to be on the pension when you retire, you can go on that holiday you’ve been dreaming about, change jobs, move to Paris, enjoy less stress in your relationship, lower stress in general! Your money will all be yours, which will make todays small sacrifice worthwhile, as you are working towards your nest egg for the future.

1455536584_milestone3. Set Milestones and Celebrate

If it’s a big goal, like being debt free, you’re not going to go out tomorrow and just achieve it. To stay motivated, set yourself some milestones to celebrate along the way. Maybe it’s the first $1000 you pay off, then 10% then 25%, etc. Make sure you celebrate it. Crack a mid-priced bottle of champagne!

Accountability Partners4. Accountability Partners

Tell someone else and get them to hold you accountable. For example; tell your friend you’re going to pay off $1000 by June or you’ll have to donate $100 to a charity. This really works because you are less likely to disappoint someone else than you are yourself.

Lie to yourself5. Lie to yourself

Frequent white lies to yourself can help you complete a difficult task. When you go for a long run and you want to quit you can tell yourself to just run to the next hill and then you can quit, then the next hill, until you are home. Likewise, tell yourself you’re just going to go one more week without buying anything unnecessary, then another week, etc.

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Defaulted on a Loan? Here’s 6 Things You Need to Know.

Loan Default Form

Will a default stop me from borrowing?

 stop me from borrowing

Yes, for 5 years.  Defaults will stop you borrowing from anyone with the ability to perform a credit check. Historically, a default meant that you were a bad risk. With new responsible lending laws being issued in Australia, banks are now responsible for assessing if you can reasonably afford a loan. A default signals that you’ve experienced difficulty repaying debts in the past, and that you may have similar difficulty when taking on more debt in the future.

Will the default come off if I pay it?

 the default come off if I pay it

No, it will not come off if you pay it. It will be updated to show that it was paid, but will still remain on your credit file for 5 years from the date it was lodged.

Can I borrow if I pay off the default?

I borrow if I pay off the default?

No. Paying the default will not help you borrow from the banks. It will stop the creditor who listed the default from pursuing you further.

Can I get a default removed?

I get a default removed

If it was listed in error you need to contact the creditor that listed the default, and dispute it with them. If you actually did default on your loan, then your chances are limited.

Will the banks loan to me if I have or more defaults?

banks loan to me if I have or more defaults

One loan default on your credit file or twenty, the affect is the same; a bank will not lend to you.

If I have a default will a Debt Agreement “ruin” my credit history?

Debt Agreement “ruin” my credit history

If you enter into a Debt Agreement, a notation will be put on your credit history for 5 years. The default on your loan will still be on your credit history for 5 years during which time you won’t be able to borrow from a bank anyway.  So I would say that the impact is negligible, but that’s subjective.

If you’re struggling with with more than $8,000 of unsecured debt, Debt Mediators can help.
For a free, no obligation phone consultation call 1300 171 351.

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Hayley’s Inspirational Journey to Debt Freedom

Debt Relief Journey by Harley

It was not an easy journey to become debt free. It was a combination of things that lead me into bad debt. I moved a couple of times and had to pay expensive rental bonds. I had a short period of unemployment. I purchased some brand new furniture and electronics on interest free that I, looking back couldn’t afford, and generally I was living a little beyond my means. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but the debt added up very quickly.

For a very long time, not a day went by that I wasn’t worried about money. I would live payday to payday, with the odd power bill or vet bill completely catching me off guard. There was even a point when I was hiding from my landlord because I was late with rent! (I’m not proud of that one). I started utilising ‘pay day loan’ services to try and help make ends meet. Pay day loans attract extraordinary interest, to the point that, for me, I would take out a pay day loan to pay off another one. That’s a very hard cycle to get out of.

I remember the exact moment I decided to get out of debt. I was sitting at work, had just been paid, and once I had completed all my bank transfers, bpay’s and the direct debits had come out I was left with about $50 to last a whole month, and that $50 didn’t even belong to me! My situation felt hopeless, and I starting to Google to find out how soon I could be sent to jail for not paying my loans!

Once I had stopped wondering what I would look like in an orange jumpsuit, I decided that there had to be a way for me to take control. Unfortunately, due to the multiple pay day loans, unpaid credit cards and a negative bank account balance no bank or credit provider would consolidate my debt for me. I was young, renting, with no assets or shares to sell. Finally, I found out about debt agreements called Debt Mediators who specialize in helping people like me become debt free.

I was initially very embarrassed when I had to list off all of my debts, but Debt Mediators were incredibly kind and non-judgmental. They answered all of my questions about what affect a debt agreement would have on my future, what to expect, and set a realistic timeline and payment plan.

The hardest times when paying off debt for me were big events like weddings and Christmas. I had to keep a budget in mind to make sure I was able to afford gifts and the celebrations that go along with it. Borrowing certainly wasn’t an option!

I am still in disbelief that I am debt free. I’m really proud of myself. I am not afraid of answering private calls on my phone now!

Now I’m debt free my plan is to stick to my budget, I’m saving money for the first time and I’m never going to make a big purchase on credit again. I know I can save now and will be patient until I can afford to buy things.

If your debt is out of control, the best time to deal with it is right now. Remember that you’re not alone, and if you are worried about your credit report, the sooner you act the better.

If you’re struggling with with more than $8,000 of unsecured debt, Debt Mediators can help.
For a free, no obligation phone consultation call 1300 171 351.


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8 Last Minute Gifts That Save Money

  1. Netflix
    1. At $8.99 a month Netflix is pretty cheap entertainment. If the person regularly bought 2 movies a month that’s a $250 saving per year.
  2. Pod Coffee System
    1. Pod coffee systems make coffee at about $0.30 a cup. If they previously bought 2 cups of coffee a day that’s a $2,920 saving per year.
  3. Audible
    1. Audio books are expensive typically $30.75. For $14.95 a month Audible provides 1 audio book and they have over 150,000 audiobooks to choose from.
  4. Car Service Voucher
    1. Servicing dramatically increases the life of a car. Typically if budgets are tight they get put off. For someone who’s got a tight budget a voucher for a service is one less thing for them to worry about.
  5. Soda Stream
    1. If you drink a lot of sparkling water a Soda Stream can make it for about $0.30 a litre. Also you don’t have to throw out a bunch of bottles every week.
  6. Online Course
    1. An online course at Code Academy or Udemy can help build skills that can lead to more income.
  7. Energy Monitor
    1. An energy monitor is essential in getting electricity consumption under control and crushing your power bills. It enables you to identify devices that use a lot of power in standby and minimise the use of devises that use a lot of power while on.
  8. Electric Toothbrush
    1. Dentistry costs a fortune. Electric toothbrushes clean much more effectively than a standard brush. An electric toothbrush will save a fortune in the long term.
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