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Written Testimonials

Feefo trusted service award Feefo gold trusted serviceAt Debt Mediators, we take pride in the work we do and have seen sound results from many of our previous customers. Time and time again we aim to improve our service, and with the hundreds of happy customers we have that have managed to escape from their troubles, we continue to do so.

With a 95% client satisfaction rate via Feefo reviews, and recently being awarded a Gold Trusted Service Award why would you trust your financial future to anyone else?




"Dcs helped me enormously to get through this rough time. Always easy to talk to. Even when i missed a payment here and there they helped me get back on track."

"From the very first call they were on my side and willing to help."

"From the first call to the last, they were helpful and understanding.
Consumate professionals."

"Excellent job very much appreciated"

"just appreciate what the DCS group had done for me. Its a good feeling been dept free thank you so much cheers."

"DCS - They helped me from the start. Every time I spoke with them they were friendly and helpful."

"Very grateful. Very satisfied."

"All the staff that I spoke to on the phone where very helpful. They gave me clear information and I was able to get sorted very easily every time I called.
When I wanted to make changes I was able to call and it was always “yes we can help with that”.
Feels great to have all that debt paid..."

"Saved my sanity"

"They were so very helpful and understanding at a time when you really need it. They showed me that there was light at the end of the tunnel, and that the situation I was in was temporary. I am extremely grateful for their help."


"I am debt free, and have never been happier. Thanks DCS for helping me."

"DCS has helped me get my life together again, if it wasn't for them i would be struggling for ever.
The staff at DCS have been exceptional, they have always responded to my calls and inquiries in the most pleasant, helpful and professional way.
I sincerely appreciate everything DCS has..."

"Very efficient in setting up my initial repayments, took all my expenses in to account, did struggle financially as my pay decreased in the repayment period but kept paying original amount so that the debt could be paid out"

"Best service around"

"By far the most helpful, geniun and best service I have come across, extremely helpful and totally above board

Thank you for your caring service"


"Amazing team that helped me out through many struggles and successes"

"Great service and friendly staff. Great deal with"

"Very understanding, and helpful in every way"

"Thanks to DCS I am now debt free, which is something I never thought would ever happen in my life. They made the whole process very easy, and were always thinking of me first. I missed a few payments, but I was never worried about contacting them as they were always so kind and considerate to speak..."

"Helpful, professional and friendly"

"DCS made getting out of financial trouble easier than i thought possible. They were understanding when i had to pause some payments due to health reasons, or other circumstances."

"Very supportive and helpful and made me feel ok when down. "

"Very helpful and supporting of me and my tough times. Always understanding and caring when communicating."

"Frindly staff , expert advice , highly recommended !"

"Very understanding profesional and helpfull staff very accomadating and caring.made the whole process stress free ."

"Great customer service, understanding and compassionate"

"Amazing to deal with,relieved all my stress "

"Amazing to deal with ,my financial stress was relieved"

"Thank you DCS, you have made it easy for me and solved my debt problems. Great and friendly team that know what they are doing.
All my debts are paid and now i can start a new year fresh. 😁"

Messages from our Clients

It was a pleasure to talk to someone who actually cares and wants to help as you know things have not gone well and your patience and kind understanding was really appreciated. You took the time to listen and answered all my questions. That type of customer service is something I have not received elsewhere, because of my ex and the debts he left, people just want their money. Again thank you again for all your kindness and I wish more people were as helpful as you. –Jenny


I would very much like to thank all the team at Debt Mediators who have helped me out with my agreement over the last 5 years. This means everybody from payments to admin etc etc. I am so very grateful for the help and support I received from your company. It was always a pleasure to call and talk to staff. If i had problem with a payment it was dealt with so swiftly and efficiently every time. Everyone was always very helpful and friendly to talk to.  I cannot praise then enough for the service they gave me. Once again I thank you all for your help and assistance. – Peter


I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for your involvement and assistance in finding a way to resolve the financial millstone which was strangling me. My life can now get back to some form of normality in the knowledge that in some three years’ time, my debts will have been expunged.  That is a considerably different position to that which I was facing in trying to do things my own way, not only from the financial impact that this would have had, together with a level of debt which would still have remained when I retired. So once again, thank you so much for what you have been able to achieve for me. – John


Thank you for all the work you have done.  Back when I first called you I was suicidal about my debts, but you showed me the light at the end of the tunnel.  I am now debt free with money building in savings accounts and couldn’t be happier. I want to pass a huge thanks to everyone there who has helped me, or should I say ‘saved’. – Jody


If testimonial helps even one person to become debt free its worthwhile. Let me start with how I got into trouble… I used to work in bank and financial companies which made it really easy to get approved for personal loans and credit cards. I had my head buried in the sand about my finances, and didn’t want to admit that I was in trouble until I couldn’t afford the repayments and was about to lose my house. I learnt my lesson the hard way, but Debt Mediators helped me climb back. Thank you so much for you help and advice. I am eternally grateful! – Mike


I am so appreciated and thankful for all the help you offered me nearly 5 years ago. My life has changed since completing my debt agreement.  Hard work and determination has opened my work to many opportunities including travel and working overseas.  I always speak highly of your company and recommend you to people in need. – Joseph


Thanks for always being courteous and decent from the first phone call, I give you a 5 star rating. – Keryn


I just want to say thanks for your patience and understanding throughout this long ordeal. Your team has always treated me with respect and understanding, which in this world is very hard to find. I was young and blind and learned the hard way, next year I will start planning on my goal of buying a house. I’m very grateful. – Wayne


What an absolute joy and pleasure it has been having you represent me! As stressful as all of this has been you have been caring, professional, extremely helpful and kind. Thank you so very much for helping in my transition through this stage of my life. – Jewel


Thank you so much . You have been a really big help and I am so glad that I picked your agency to work with. – Rebecca


It’s honestly a great feeling knowing you’re helping me through my stressful financial struggle, thank you also to Amanda as she was also very helpful to me in the first instance, you have been very informative, and very supportive. I feel reassured in the sense that I finally see myself getting back on track financially. You don’t know what your help means to me. – Sue


Joining Debt Mediators was the only good decision I made 5 years ago. Yesterday was my final payment. Today I woke up with free of debt feeling which was fantastic! Thank you so much for your help and advises. I am eternally grateful – Annie


OHHH you guys are amazing… Your whole team make us feel so much better about our awful situation!! Life is back to fabulous and our finances are in check!! Now we can give our kids a bit of a Christmas!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Alison


To all at Debt Mediators, I would like to thank you for your assistance and guidance in my time of need. It was much appreciated. – Pat


I’m on top of the world… I just got your text to say my agreement was approved by creditors. Thank you thank you for being patient with me, and for putting up with this crazy lady. –Shelly


I called Debt Mediators when I was going through a tough time financially and couldn’t get on track… when I spoke to Debt Mediators it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. All of the people I spoke to were so understanding and nice. Everyone was really helpful, no request was too difficult to complete and no question was too hard to explain. I now have something in place where I can start fresh and pay off my debts. – Matt


Debt Mediators are proven to be one of the most successful mediation companies in Australia. Take a look for yourself with how we can get you out of debt and on the path to success today.

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