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People and Culture

Debt Mediators is an Australian family business and we think of our colleagues as part of the family. We employ 64 people but have managed to maintain a family feeling to the business. People still take time out of their day to have cake and sing happy birthday for birthdays. Staff are part of the family and this feeling permeates to our clients, who find it reassuring in their time of need.

We recently completed a series of exit interviews with clients who have completed their agreements. 100% identified that their financial problems had be resolved. 100% stated their stress levels had reduced. 78% said their relationships had improved. Our average rating was 4.75 out of 5.

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Debt Mediators believe in management by walking around. Because we’re located on the one site we’re able to talk to every staff member every day. We identify excellent work on a daily basis and congratulate staff on a job well done. A daily high five and being told you’ve done a great job goes a long way.

We built our family feeling through arranging free pizza, sausage sizzle and cake. We have an annual Christmas Ball, which is a great excuse to get dressed up and opportunity to say thank you to the staff.

The outcome of our work produces over 1000 debt free people annually which produces an enormous social good. They have reduced stress levels, better relationships, are able to save for the first time in years, able to afford family holidays and nights out. These people produce flow on effects on their communities as they are now able to spend driving demand, and many are able to save for a house deposit providing stability for families.

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