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About Us

Debt Mediators is an Australian debt solution provider that have helped over 11,000 people clear more than $100 million in debt nationwide. The Debt Mediators team works closely to provide advice and support their clients every step on your way to financial freedom.

Debt Mediator’s story begins where a lot of businesses begin, a kitchen table in a rented suburban house and a desire to solve a problem. Thousands of Australians find themselves in debt but not wanting to go bankrupt because they’re afraid of financial consequences.

10 years later things are very different. Debt Mediator’s is now one of Australia’s largest debt agreement administrators, and we have assisted over 11,000 people clear more than $100m in debt.

The future looks increasingly digital and we’re ready for a new outlook in handling debt, bankruptcy and agreement with the help of our debt experts, who save our clients as much as legally possible.

We’ve been helping individuals struggling with debt for over decade, and are committed to creating a debt free Australia. We do this by specialising in assisting people who are insolvent. That is, they can’t pay their debts as and when they fall due; we provide a range of solutions for those from $8,000 to $8 million in debt.

We have thousands of debt free satisfied customers every year; people who have permanently changed their relationship with money. Fixing your debt troubles doesn’t just transform someone’s relationship with money it can transform relationships, personal life and much more.

Read these Debt Mediators reviews to see how past clients have overcome financial issues and check out our video testimonials to see first hand what they have to say about us.

Debt Mediators has been featured on numerous news and current affairs programs:

  • Today Show: Today Show hosts chatted with Debt Mediators on the topic of dealing with aggressive debt collectors. They also discussed different ways to handle overdue debts. During this segment, one of our senior debt advisors gives viewers very helpful advice about how to manage comfortably when debts start building up.
  • 60 Minutes: Debt Mediators advisor Ben Paris appears on 60 Minutes to talk about the growing issue of Australian youth binging on credit cards. Ben also summarizes how many of these youth are facing bankruptcy, and what options are available to them. This compelling story tracks the lives of the real Australians that Debt Mediators have helped to solve their serious debt issues debt.
  • Channel 7 News: Channel 7 News visits the Debt Mediators main office to learn more about the rising levels of debt stress in Australian communities. This coincides with a spike in bankruptcy filings and also debt help enquiries to professional debt consultants. Learn about how rising living costs, unemployment issues and other social maladies that have left many Australians struggling to stay afloat.
  • Channel 10 News: This clip sees Channel Ten News speaking with senior Debt Advisor Ben Paris. The topic focuses on Australia’s recent interest rate increase, and its impact on average Australians. Ben discusses the huge surge in calls that his team receives from distressed borrowers. He also talks about various assistance measures. These include debt consolidation and bankruptcy solutions that can help people better work towards handling their debts.
  • SBS Insight: this clip shows the true story of a young woman who fell into $23,000 of debt at the age of 23. She needed help and reached out to Debt Mediators. In the end, she finally found the relief she was yearning for. Now she is on a manageable payment schedule and is slated to be debt-free in three short years!
  • Radio National: Features Debt Mediators consultant Ben Paris talking with Radio National. The topic: Generation Y and the difficulties they face during tight financial times. Listen for great advice and clear solutions from Australia’s debt relief experts.
  • Australian Financial Review: times are getting tighter, and personal bankruptcies are soaring all over Australia. In particular, consumers in Western Australia and Queensland are suffering the worst of it. This exclusive report is packed with insights outlined by Debt Consultant and DCS Group owner Michael Paris.
  • Cosmopolitan magazine: Did you know that roughly 75% of Australians worry about how to pay their debts? Are you struggling with debt? Read this interview with Australia’s leading debt experts, as they discuss ways to help Australian women stop complaining, see the brighter picture and start saving.

You can find more details on the above videos, recordings and articles on our ‘Press’ page. If you are interested in working in our team, you can visit our job opportunities page to find out more about Debt Mediators careers.


Updated September 2016