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  • Are you drowning in Credit Card debt?
  • Tried bad credit debt consolidation loans?
  • Are you living off credit & payday lenders?
  • Need to secure bad credit personal loans?

Don’t worry, we can help… Call 1300 171 351 and Debt Mediators can show you credit repair basics, how to reduce debt, without high-interest bank loans, and get on top of your finances by using our unique options, including:

As one of Australia’s most trusted providers of debt solutions, Debt Mediators bankruptcy solutions have helped thousands of people cancel a bankruptcy, undergo credit repair, resolve their debts and start fresh.

Why just go bankrupt, when you can free yourself from debt? Call today on 1300 171 351 for a quick, FREE and confidential consultation.

With a little help, you could be on the road to being debt free sooner than you think.

Why Choose Us?


  • Loan-Free Solutions
  • Flexible & Combined Payment Plan
  • Only Pay What You Can Afford
  • Freeze Interest & Fees
  • Stop Debt Collector Calls
  • Creditors Cease Legal Action
  • Your House & Car Are Safe
  • Loan help for people with bad credit
  • Be Debt Free in Less Than 5 Years