Sorry about the long time between posts. I’ve had a debt CRISES, that’s right that’s the plural of crisis! Things are kind of bedded down now and I can work on getting expenses down and my finance’s sorted.

What happened? My bank (which shall remain nameless), decided to reduce my credit by $57,000 the day before a settlement. I know awesome right? Well after renegotiating and selling everything that wasn’t nailed down I managed to settle and avoid a costly contractual breach.

I now am completely skint AND have only $7 a week between me and catastrophic failure! Wooo!

I have however invested in Quicken and I am going to get on top of this sh%&!  and (drum roll) T is now on board the budget.

Anyone got some advice for how to set up an offset account and transactional facilities?

About to work threw it and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

PS. Glad to be back:)